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Cloud & On-Premise Web-Based Capture Solution with Concurrent User Licensing

ImageTrust Cloud Document Scanning & Capture Software with Concurrent User Licensing

ImageTrust is an affordable, web-based capture solution that enables businesses to transform their capture infrastructure and push out capture to wherever it is required throughout an organization, by users simply using a browser. Ideal for distributed and centralized capture, there is no monthly or annual cap to how much information is captured, nor are there any annoying and costly "click charges" – making ImageTrust an attractive option for replacing Kofax Capture.

Because it's certified by OpenText, it's also ideal for use with OpenText ApplicationXtender (AX) and integrates with OpenText Captiva.

Why Use ImageTrust?

Scanning with ImageTrust is easy to use and lets you deploy distributed document scanning and indexing at remote locations using the internet. Remote document capture eliminates the need to ship paper documents to a central site for scanning and processing. ImageTrust is useful, regardless of volume, while offering automated indexing and validation.

You'll experience many benefits with ImageTrust, including:

  • Eliminate document FedExing/shipping costs
  • Prevent document loss
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain and retain customers with faster turnaround/implementation
  • Simple user interface for end-users & admins
  • Client-side OCR
  • Simple installs and upgrades
  • Supports SQL Server and Oracle
  • Supports scanners with speed up to 200 ppm
  • Zero footprint: no need for costly custom install on each client machine
  • No special configuration needed for firewalls, no custom ports need to be opened
  • Optimized for Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Export module provides added support for any system
  • Easily integrates with virtually any underlying security architecture

ImageTrust Functionality

  • Barcode, zonal OCR, database look-ups
  • Offline scanning
  • Mobile scanning
  • Advanced annotations
  • Capture workflow
  • Drag & drop of electronic documents an emails

Common Applications & Use Cases

  • Trial Master File Processing: most pharmaceuticals are still using centralized scanning operations which increase costs and risks when a document gets lost during shipping
  • Expense Capture: capturing receipts with a mobile device provides a quick and efficient way to process and approve expenses. saving time and associated costs.
  • New Account Opening: Financial institutions require a lot of paperwork to be processed during on-boarding. This process can take days if scanning of physical paper takes place in a centralized environment (i.e. paper shipping, missing documents/customer notification)
  • Road Warrior Workforce: insurance adjusters, financial advisors, lending agents and other non-office based workers can submit documents to the line of business process at the time they are executed: capture customers and their money faster

ImageTrust Batch Capture & Transactional Client

Two Flavors

  • ImageTrust Batch: fits within all capture and document management software environments and can be utilized as a browser based capture client for centralized or distributed scanning and indexing operations, while at the same time leveraging existing advanced extraction services in real time
  • ImageTrust Transactional Client: as an embedded version of ImageTrust Batch, the transactional client appears to the user as a scan button for web based line of business (LOB) applications

If you use QuickScan Pro, ask us about our ImageTrust replacement plan.

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