• Fully Automated Digital Marketing Platform for EMC ECD Partners
    18 Oct 2016 Colin Graf

    Fully Automated Digital Marketing Platform for EMC ECD Partners

    Have you checked out the new EMC Digital Marketing Platform (DMP) yet? Why NOT!?! If I had to pick one word to describe the new platform it would be “Slick”. I know, I know. The thought of utilizing or even setting up a marketing automation tool seems daunting. But trust me, this tool will make […]

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  • Grow Financial Gains 1,280 Hours of Productivity with ApplicationXtender
    10 Sep 2016 Colin Graf

    Grow Financial Gains 1,280 Hours of Productivity with ApplicationXtender

    What would you do with an additional 1,280 hours of productivity from your workforce every year? Would you invest the extra time in providing a higher level of service for your clients? Would you have your team work on special projects? Whatever the case, it would be time you could reinvest in your organization, just […]

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  • MetaSource Launches Partner Portal
    22 Aug 2016 Colin Graf

    MetaSource Launches Partner Portal

    MetaSource and EMC ApplicationXtender and Captiva resellers can now access a wide variety of product, service and pricing information through our new partner portal. Marketing Resources You can now quickly download data sheets, brochures, pricing sheets, presentation, recorded webinars, tech bulletins, and much more for EMC ApplicationXtender and Captiva, MetaSource, ImageTrust, Inovoo, NSi, and Seven10. […]

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  • Overwhelmed with Body Cam Data? Get on Board with MetaStor
    05 Aug 2016 Colin Graf

    Overwhelmed with Body Cam Data? Get on Board with MetaStor

    As Time magazine reported earlier this year, almost one-third of the nation’s 18,000 state and local police departments are requiring their officers to strap on body worn video cameras to document civilian encounters. The need for law enforcement to demonstrate accountability has never been greater, given the national outcry over police shootings of suspects and, […]

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  • Benefits of Medical Records Scanning & Outsourced Document Management
    25 Jul 2016 Colin Graf

    Benefits of Medical Records Scanning & Outsourced Document Management

    Management of paper medical records is a common problem. They take up a lot of space, are time consuming to pull and present numerous HIPAA compliance challenges. Is there a better way for clinics, physicians groups and hospitals to get their paper records into their electronic health/medical record (EHR/EMR) software that won’t break the bank? […]

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  • What to Do with Legacy Software
    23 Jun 2016 Colin Graf

    What to Do with Legacy Software

    Are you running old, legacy software? If you’re the federal government, you are. According to CNN’s coverage of a new report, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the Pentagon is still using 1970s-era computing systems to run our nuclear program that requires 8-inch floppy disks. These disks are used to coordinate intercontinental ballistic […]

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  • Lockbox Best Practices Whitepaper
    07 Jun 2016 Colin Graf

    Lockbox Best Practices Whitepaper

    Even though the usage of paper checks as a payment system has plummeted in the U.S. from 40 billion transactions in 2000 to less than 20 billion during the last Triennial Federal Reserve Payments Study, that’s still 20 billion transactions that cause a lot of headaches. Paper checks account for 20-30% of remittances, particularly in […]

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  • Capture Software Comparison
    02 Jun 2016 Colin Graf

    Capture Software Comparison

    Document capture software is used to pull document images when scanned by either a multi-function peripheral (MFP, a.k.a. today’s copier) or a standalone document scanner. Capture software is now available in both software and cloud varieties, is priced pages per year or by concurrent user licensing, scans individual pages and/or batches of documents, and comes […]

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  • New ApplicationXtender Marketing Materials
    03 Apr 2016 Colin Graf

    New ApplicationXtender Marketing Materials

    In addition to EMC’s increased commitment to continuing to develop the ApplicationXtender document management software platform, a variety of new marketing collateral is available, all of which you can find below. ApplicationXtender 8.0 Data Sheet This 4-page data sheet identifies the new features of AX 8.0, including it’s HTML5 interface, annotation capability, integration with Microsoft […]

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  • Workflow Automation & High Performance Teams
    01 Apr 2016 Colin Graf

    Workflow Automation & High Performance Teams

    Here at MetaSource, we’re all about fostering collaboration with workflow automation, document management and document capture software. However, software tools of this nature only work if you use them to work together with a well functioning team. How well does your team function? Do you have any of these problems? Absence of Trust: fear of […]

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