• How to Stay Connected While Working from Home
    14 Jul 2020 Taylor Glinane

    How to Stay Connected While Working from Home

    One of the things people miss most since the start of the COVID-19 shutdown is face-to-face interaction. Employees miss greeting their colleagues when they walk into the office in the morning. They miss bumping into one another in the break room. Many even miss weekly meetings that they used to dread attending. There’s nothing like […]

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  • Why RPA Projects Fail
    16 May 2019 Colin Graf

    Why RPA Projects Fail

    There is a lot of hype surrounding the results of RPA (robotic process automation), which is a way to automate manual, repetitive processes in your business. When the application is implemented properly, for the right processes, businesses can gain enormous efficiencies. The best-case scenario for RPA gets even non-technical people excited about an application that […]

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  • Contractor Workflow Automation
    26 Jan 2017 Colin Graf

    Contractor Workflow Automation

    A workflow automation software and business process outsourcing (BPO) application that is gaining traction is the streamlining of contractor on-boarding and due diligence, especially for companies that need to manage hundreds or thousands of contractors. Some refer to this as a contractor management system. Below is what’s involved to ensure that you on-board contractors quickly […]

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  • Government Whitepaper: Document Scanning, Workflow & Doing More with Less
    09 Jan 2017 Colin Graf

    Government Whitepaper: Document Scanning, Workflow & Doing More with Less

    State and local agencies are obligated to preserve and make available all publicly recorded documents. Additionally, the benefits of scanning legacy documents are numerous and well known. So, if scanning is required and such a no-brainer, why is there still so much paper in municipal and county government? Why haven’t all these documents been scanned? […]

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  • Workflow Automation & High Performance Teams
    01 Apr 2016 Colin Graf

    Workflow Automation & High Performance Teams

    Here at MetaSource, we’re all about fostering collaboration with workflow automation, document management and document capture software. However, software tools of this nature only work if you use them to work together with a well functioning team. How well does your team function? Do you have any of these problems? Absence of Trust: fear of […]

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