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AX Document Purge Manager

Product Description

AX Document Purge Manager is a web-based process that executes configured ApplicationXtender queries against AX Applications to generate a list of documents that meet the pre-configured purge conditions.

AX Document Purge Manager can be configured for new and existing AX Applications. Users will have the ability to review the list of documents that are scheduled for deletion and flag documents to hold them, thus preventing their deletion. Each time Document Purge Manager initiates, the documents in the list are checked against the query that generated them, and if all criteria have been satisfied (no holds, amount of time in purge state has expired, etc.), the documents will be permanently deleted from AX. The document’s index will be stored in a separate table for review and new documents ready for purging will be identified and made available for review and possible hold.

Product Features

Price $7,500
Maintenance Fee 23% annually