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Electronic Forms (e-Forms)

An electronic form is a template with data fields that was created digitally or converted from a paper based form. These data fields are used to collect raw data that is made available online, in software applications, portals, or mobile devices. Most electronic forms are created and managed by modules that integrate seamlessly with third-party applications that verify data, instantly make calculations, add them to workflows and more.

By beginning with an electronic form, businesses eliminate the need for document capture software later down the line. The data is seamlessly pushed to any line of business application. With digital signatures, workflow automation, and approval cycle times, time for business processes are significantly reduced.

Replacing paper forms with electronic forms allows for business leaders to focus on the core underlying purpose the form was created for.

Other benefits include:

  • Full audit trail
  • Improved security
  • Integration with third party applications to validate data before it is ingesting in other line of business applications
  • Standardized data that is collected, validated and stored in the same manner

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