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Capture Software Comparison

Colin Graf | Thursday, June 02, 2016

Document Scanning & Capture Software Comparison for EMC ApplicationXtender

Document capture software is used to pull document images when scanned by either a multi-function peripheral (MFP, a.k.a. today's copier) or a standalone document scanner.

Capture software is now available in both software and cloud varieties, is priced pages per year or by concurrent user licensing, scans individual pages and/or batches of documents, and comes with an array of advanced capture features like auto document classification and optical character recognition (OCR).

Below is a summary of how EMC Captiva compares with other document scanning software used with EMC ApplicationXtender document management software:

Software Application Licensing Functionality Requirements Use Case
EMC Captiva Pages per Year with Tiered Pricing
  • Creates documents
  • Barcode, zonal OCR, DB look-ups
  • Auto classification & advanced recognition
  • Multiple export destinations
  • Windows Server
  • AX Document Manager
  • High volume
  • Automated indexing and validation
  • Classification or free form extraction
  • Automated folder & email ingestion
Image Access ImageTrust Batch Capture Concurrent Users
  • Creates documents
  • Barcode, zonal OCR, DB look-ups
  • Offline scanning
  • Mobile scanning
  • Advanced annotations
  • JRE on client, Apache on web server
  • AX web services
  • Low to medium volume
  • Automated indexing and validation
  • No classification or free form extraction (requires Captiva)
  • Kofax Capture replacement
Image Access ImageTrust Transactional Client Concurrent Users
  • Creates documents & batches
  • Windows Server
  • JRE on client
  • Low volume scanning from inside AX 8
EMC ApplicationXtender Image Capture Free for AX Users
  • Creates batches
  • Batches indexed in AX 8
  • Relies on scanner driver for image processing
  • AX REST service
  • Low volume, manual data entry
  • No barcode or OCR
EMC ApplicationXtender Connector Concurrent Users
  • Creates documents
  • Key reference indexing
  • Lightweight zonal OCR
  • Relies on scanner driver for image processing
  • AX web services
  • Very low volume, ad-hoc
  • No barcode or OCR

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