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Tungsten TotalAgility, formerly Kofax TotalAgility, brings document intelligence, workflow automation, and smart integrations together to orchestrate tasks and streamline business processes. With TotalAgility, you can digitally transform your organization to eliminate process friction, deliver a better customer experience, and replace inefficient, complex processes with fast, transparent ones.

The Features that Make It Special

How does TotalAgility optimize processes? That’s easy. The software’s powerful features speak for themselves:

Intelligent Document Processing

Unlock data insights with embedded AI technology, machine learning, and sentiment analysis.

Seamless Integrations

Easily share data across platforms and do more with your software.

Task Automation

Seamlessly integrate with Tungsten RPA to further improve processes.

Extensive Analytics

Gain comprehensive reports across workflows.

Low-Code Development

Build easily with preconfigured functionalities and a drag and drop interface.

The Benefits It Offers

With Tungsten TotalAgility and a dedicated partner like MetaSource, your organization can bridge systems of engagement and systems of record to effectively process documents, minimize manual work, and reduce customer response times.

And that’s not all! Here are the numerous advantages of using TotalAgility:

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Accelerate Processes

Improve Decision-Making

Enhance Customer Responsiveness

Reduce Operating Costs

The Ways You Can Use It

With impressive features and proven benefits, Tungsten TotalAgility can be used to streamline a wide variety of paper-based business tasks, including the processing of:


Manually processing invoices requires a great deal of labor – from scanning the paper documents to entering the data into your ERP system. Tungsten TotalAgility can eliminate those human touchpoints. It automatically lifts data from invoices, loads it into ERP systems, and sends it to the appropriate recipients.

W2 Forms

TotalAgility transforms W2 form processing for tax preparation companies by eliminating manual tasks like data entry. The best part? The solution functions behind the scenes, so your customers only see the software they’re used to.


Insurance claims management is a time-sensitive process, and Tungsten TotalAgility can help expedite it. In addition to eliminating manual tasks, the software can handle exceptions.

The Partner You Need

As a Tungsten Trusted Partner, MetaSource has customized, implemented, and managed Tungsten Automation solutions for organizations across a wide range of industries. With years of experience working with Tungsten products like TotalAgility, we provide professional services and support to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

MetaSource is the key to ensuring that TotalAgility meets your unique needs. We’ll work closely with you to customize the solution and augment it using best-in-class third-party technology.

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