Ivory Homes

Learn how Utah’s #1 homebuilder solved their problems and gained invaluable benefits by adopting an AP automation solution.

Download the Ivory Homes case study

EōS Fitness

Discover how an outsourced mailroom solution enabled EōS Fitness to reduce processing time, save money, and improve vendor relationships.

Download the EōS Fitness case study

Major Healthcare System

Automation and a digital mailroom streamline a major hospital’s accounts payable department.

Download the healthcare system case study

Morrison County

Find out how Morrison County leveraged technology to streamline processes and save both time and money.

Download the Morrison County case study

Denihan Hospitality Group

Learn how Denihan achieved faster processing and easier budgeting with digital mailroom services and workflow automation.

Download the Denihan Hospitality case study

New York Foundling

Centralizing HR files with document scanning, indexing, and document management software helped NY Foundling improve efficiency, respond more quickly to audits, and save on storage costs.

Download the New York Foundling case study

Behavioral Healthcare

Discover how a leading behavioral healthcare agency entered a new era of productivity with document management and electronic health record (EHR) software.

Download the Behavioral Healthcare case study

Educational Alliance

Document scanning services and document management software helped Educational Alliance improve efficiency, streamline seasonal employee onboarding, and saved space.

Download the Educational Alliance case study

Ace Endico

Scanning and managing customer files on the cloud helps a major food distributor deliver the best customer experience possible while improving accounts receivable collection.

Download the Ace Endico case study

ABC Home Healthcare

Backfile document scanning and document management software rescues a home care agency from a sea of paper.

Download the ABC Home Healthcare case study


For CLEAResult, document scanning accelerates work order processing, enabling growth for this home energy efficiency assessor.

Download the CLEAResult case study

5th Judicial Circuit of Florida

Want to save time, eliminate tedious, manual tasks, and expedite decision-making? Learn how the 5th Circuit accomplished all that and more in this case study.

Download the 5th Judicial Circuit of Florida case study


GlobalTranz reduced their accounts payable processing time by 3 days. Want to learn how? Check out this case study!

Download the GlobalTranz case study

Swift Transportation

This case study unveils how the largest full truckload carrier in North America cuts trip-related costs in half.

Download the Swift Transportation case study

Grow Financial Credit Union

Discover how Grow Financial Credit Union saves 1,280 hours of productivity every year.

Download the Grow Financial Credit Union case study

Academy Mortgage Corp.

Download this case study to discover how we helped Academy Mortgage significantly reduce compliance costs and drive efficiency.

Download the Academy Mortgage Corp. case study

First Colony Mortgage

MetaSource has helped First Colony Mortgage save 15% on quality control costs. Download this case study to find out how!

Download the First Colony Mortgage case study

Madison Pension

Scanning and OCR creates an online, text-searchable database of client files for a pension consultancy.

Download the Madison Pension case study


Discover how an outsourced digital mailroom helps VNSNY CHOICE ensure compliance, save money, and makes it easier for staff to locate documents.

Download the VNSNY CHOICE case study


Scanning, indexing, and backing up title files helps an insurance keep up their outstanding customer support through a period of rapid growth.

Download the TitleVest case study

Approved Storage

Digitized waste manifests allow a medical waste disposal company to deliver records on a dime and provide excellent customer care.

Download the Approved Storage case study

Rockland Eye

Outsourced scanning and EMR-integrated document management software saves space and time for a busy ophthalmology practice.

Download the Rockland Eye case study

All Island Gastro

EMR-integrated document management software helps a growing medical practice save space and speed up access to patient files.

Download the All Island Gastro case study

United Illuminating Company

An electric utility gets ahead of their invoices by outsourcing AP file management.

Download the United Illuminating Company case study

JK Dental

Scanning and cloud-based file management help a dental practitioner manage highly controlled work tickets.

Download the JK Dental case study


Scanning and centralized record-keeping help an actuarial service firm save space and support remote workers.

Download the Intac case study

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