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Nonprofit Document Scanning Increases Efficiency While Reducing Costs

We know that nonprofit organizations have to ensure their operations are as lean as possible, making the most of the resources at hand. Our not-for-profit document scanning services can help. Eliminate paper files, filing cabinets and boxes freeing up much needed office space and reducing real estate costs.

Serve Your Clients Better with Document Management Software

Implementing nonprofit document management software allows staff to securely access scanned and electronic documents in seconds from the desktop or a mobile device, 24/7. You’ll be able to:

  • Immediately and securely access client files, donor files, grant proposals, board meeting minutes, and other critical documents
  • Scan, access, and track financial documents, HR files, purchase orders, expense reports
  • Ensure accurate records and compliance for annual audits, reducing audit-related costs
  • Streamline invoice processing
  • Implement without any capital expenditure or IT administrative burden

Control Compliance Risk with Document Retention Policies

Nonprofit organizations need critical tools to execute efficient records management policies, and control compliance risk. Flexible records retention processes and best practices give you the freedom to tailor retention and destruction schedules to your unique needs. You can configure custom policies, quickly retrieve records using powerful search capabilities, and save valuable time with automated document destruction policies.

Save Time & Money with E-forms

Use e-forms to collect data to eliminate manual data entry errors and free up personnel for other, more critical tasks. Easily import data from e-forms into your existing fundraising and financial software and automatically populate databases and spreadsheets. Nonprofits commonly use e-forms to streamline:

  • Employee onboarding forms
  • New client forms
  • Membership forms
  • Donor forms
  • Review forms

What Our Clients Say

We have made great progress in eliminating paper and increasing access to information. This is how one does business today, given available technology and the desire for efficiency and flexibility.

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