BPO Services for Insurance Companies

MetaSource’s insurance solutions digitally transform your company into a more efficient, competitive, and remote-friendly business with tools like digital mailroom, document scanning, workflow automation, document management software, and more.

How Can Outsourced Services Benefit Insurance Companies?

Mail physically delivered to your office is counterproductive to your company’s business processes. Driven by the pandemic, more and more people are working from home which makes it problematic to get time-sensitive documents to the right hands.

By using a digital mailroom, your insurance company can reduce the costs and time it takes to process your inbound mail and email, including claims, applications, grievances and appeals, premium payments, and more. Your incoming documents are sent to one of our nationwide SOC 2 Type 2 certified facilities where they will be sorted, scanned, and uploaded into your document management software for easy processing from anywhere by your team.

Digital Mailroom Services

Get remote access to high-quality digital images of your insurance claims, applications, grievances, and all other white mail and email your company receives.

Document Scanning

Increase your company’s efficiency by digitizing document backfiles, mail, invoices, emails, HR documents, and more.

Cloud-Based Software

With MetaSource’s cloud-based software solutions for the insurance industry, invoice processing, case management, order processing, new application onboarding and more have never been easier.

Digital Mailroom Benefits within the Insurance Industry

Some of the benefits of partnering with a BPO company include:

Positioned Growth

A digital mailroom saves on storage and overhead costs, while strategically enabling business continuity and increasing your ability to adapt to market volatility

Increased Productivity

Rather than opening, sorting through, distributing and manually processing documents, your insurance employees can concentrate on high-value tasks, boosting productivity.

Enhanced Security

MetaSource provides a digital paper trail of when and who accessed documents, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

Enhanced Insights

Through real-time dashboards, you can make better strategic decisions with actionable data.

Improved Customer Experience

A digital mailroom can help reduce the time it takes to process an insurance claim as well as quickly access documents from anywhere, enabling your team to provide better customer support.

Enable Remote Work

With a digital mailroom and cloud document management software, your employees can easily and securely receive, access, and process time-sensitive mail whether they are working remotely or in the office.

Meet Compliance Requirements

With MetaSource software solutions, you can easily track insurance forms, reduce the risk of files being lost or destroyed, control who has access to sensitive information and easily access documents in case of an audit.

Our Digital Mailroom Process

MetaSource handles the receiving, indexing, and distribution of incoming claims, applications, grievances and appeals, premium payments, and more. With cloud-based document management software, your digitized insurance documents are available for easy access from anywhere.

Here’s an example of how MetaSource’s digital mailroom process works for claims processing:

  1. Claims are received in a dedicated PO Box managed by MetaSource
  2. Claims are opened, prepped, and scanned
  3. Data is indexed from claims, such as claim number and policy number
  4. Data goes through a quality control (QC) step to ensure data accuracy
  5. Scanned claims and data are digitally delivered to the client

30 Years of Experience in Insurance Solutions

When it comes to insurance forms processing, you want to make sure you partner with a BPO company with insurance experience you can rely on. With over 30 years of experience, multiple certifications, and world-class partnerships, MetaSource is a SOC 2 Type 2 certified business process outsourcing partner. With this third-party accreditation, you can rest assured your insurance forms, such as claims and insurance applications are secure throughout every step of the process. Additionally, MetaSource prides itself on its superior customer service, tailoring our digital mailroom and automation solutions to your company’s needs.

Digital Mailroom Success Story

Learn how VNS Health increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced employee productivity with a digital mailroom solution.