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Do you want to get more out of your Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, investment? Are you using an old version, still doing a lot of data entry, want to add case management, and/or integrate your Tungsten software with document management or ERP software? Do you want to replace a patchwork of departmental capture solutions with an enterprise system?

If so, we will upgrade, customize, optimize, and integrate your Tungsten software so that you can process documents and data faster and easier than ever before. We offer some of the deepest bench strength in the industry as a trusted Tungsten Partner.

Our clients also count on us to be on-time and within budget, so you need not fear that an engagement will turn into a never-ending financial black hole like as it so often does with other professional services providers.


We will upgrade your Tungsten software, especially if you’re using:

  • Tungsten Express (formerly Kofax Express)
  • Tungsten Capture (formerly Kofax Capture, Ascent): version 10 or older: version 10 or older
  • Tungsten Transformation (formerly Kofax Transformation and Kofax Transformation Modules): version 5 or older
  • Tungsten TotalAgility® (formerly Kofax TotalAgility): version 6 or older, including Accounts Payable (AP) Agility, Analytics for TotalAgility, Claims Agility, Invoice Processing Agility, Mortgage Agility and Onboarding Agility
  • Tungsten RPA (formerly Kofax RPA and Kofax Kapow): version 9 or older

We provide whatever combination of upgrade support you may need, including consulting, remote upgrades (if applicable), and onsite, end-to-end upgrades.

Customization & Optimization

Our certified experts will help you customize your Tungsten software solution so that:

  • You get more functionality out of it, including bridging it to other Tungsten products like TotalAgility so you can add case management to your capture system
  • Your Tungsten software is streamlined to perform in an optimized manner
  • You can say goodbye to data entry for good


We integrate your Tungsten software with OpenText AppEnhancer, Hyland OnBase or any other document management software and enterprise content management (ECM) solution that you’re using or want to implement.

We can also integrate Tungsten software with any enterprise resource planning (ERP), loan origination system (LOS), or other back-end system you use.

Enterprise Capture

We often find that organization are using a multitude of old document capture applications that may still be somewhat useful for the department in which they’re used, but lack the productivity gains and reporting offered by enterprise-grade software.

We can replace your departmental-grade software (especially ABBYY FlexiCapture, IBM Datacap and AnyDoc) with Tungsten to create a unified enterprise capture system.

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