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Invoice Data Capture

Better than traditional AP automation, MetaSource’s accounts payable automation solution automatically extracts key fields from invoices, including header, line-item details, and everything in between – with guaranteed 99.95% accuracy.

PO Matching

Our proprietary rules-based processes and technology for data validation and line-item pairing deliver unmatched invoice posting rates.

Exception Handling

MetaSource’s automated accounts payable system identifies exceptions the moment they arrive. And our team of experts has the proficiency to resolve most of them.

Invoice Approvals

Configure business rules for digitally routing invoices that require approval, so remote workers never miss a beat.


Our guaranteed data capture accuracy and human-assisted data validation delivers the actionable, high-quality data your downstream systems need.

Think your invoice data capture, workflow routing, and integration requirements are straightforward? MetaSource offers a version of its invoice processing automation solution that can be rapidly deployed, without expensive and open-ended professional services contracts and with less risk of system failure.

Integrate with Any ERP or Accounting Software

Our pre-built integrations make it easy to sync invoice data between MetaSource AP Automation and your ERP or accounting software. Don’t see your ERP or accounting software? We’re adding new integrations all the time. We can even key enter data directly into your ERP or accounting software on your behalf.


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World-Class Performance, Reliability & Security

MetaSource AP Automation is powered by a cloud infrastructure and comprehensive outsourced services built for whatever comes next. You can count on us to be there to help your business grow.

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Are You Suffering from Automation Fatigue?

We get it. Trying to automate invoice processing with traditional AP systems can be exhausting – not to mention costly, time-consuming, and risky. There’s no telling when – or if – you’ll ever achieve return on your OCR investments. MetaSource’s AP automation solutions offer a better alternative to OCR.

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No Pain, Just Gain with Fully Automated Invoice Processing

No one likes half-measures. With MetaSource AP Automation, you get an end-to-end solution that will eliminate manual keying, paper shuffling, and time wasted fixing errors and mistakes once and for all.

Whether your AP department is automating for the first time or looking to upgrade from its existing technology, our end-to-end approach to automation ensures that you will achieve optimum results.


reduction in costs


less manual handling


faster invoice approvals

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Organizations in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, fitness, homebuilding, and higher education, leverage MetaSource’s accounts payable process automation solution.

AP Automation FAQ

What is accounts payable automation?

Accounts payable automation is technology that digitizes and streamlines the receipt, processing, and posting of paper and electronic invoices submitted by suppliers. The technology automates tasks such as:

  • Capturing invoice header and line-item details
  • Matching invoices against purchase orders (POs)
  • Digitally routing unmatched invoices or invoices that require review for approval
  • Posting approved invoices to the buyer’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform or accounting software package

The best accounts payable automation solutions also provide expert-assisted services for resolving invoice exceptions. By automating invoice data capture and other invoice processing tasks, AP departments can decrease operations costs, reduce the possibility of errors, accelerate invoice approval cycle times, and gain visibility into invoices from the point they are received.

What are the benefits of AP automation?

Accounts payable automation solutions provide significant operational and strategic benefits to organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Eliminating manual, repetitive invoice processing tasks such as keying invoice data and shuffling paper and emails reduces the average cost to process an invoice submitted by a supplier. According to the Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM), highly automated accounts payable departments spend less than one-fourth as much, on average, to process a single invoice compared to their peers with little or no automation.

Accounts payable automation also improves staff productivity. Highly automated AP departments process eight times as many invoices per full-time equivalent (FTE) as their peers with little or no automation. And accounts payable automation reduces the average amount of time it takes to approve an invoice. Highly automated accounts payable departments approve invoices in less than one-fourth the time it takes their less-automated peers. As a result, highly automated accounts payable departments capture seven times as many early payment discounts as their peers with little or no automation. These benefits are the primary reasons that more organizations are automating their invoice processing.

How do AP automation solutions work?

AP automation solutions use advanced technologies to digitize and streamline the processing of invoices submitted by suppliers.

  1. Invoices sent through the mail are received on the buyer’s behalf, digitized, and aggregated with emailed invoices.
  2. Invoice header and line-item details, such as the supplier’s name, the amount of the invoice, and the invoice due date, are automatically extracted with guaranteed 99.95% accuracy.
  3. Invoice data is then matched against purchase orders (POs). Matched invoices are posted directly to the buyer’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting software. Unmatched invoices and invoices requiring review are digitally routed to the appropriate individual, based on pre-defined business rules.
  4. Subject matter experts employed by the solutions provider take the first pass at resolving any invoice exceptions.
  5. Once supplier invoices are approved, they are posted for payment.

Throughout the process, accounts payable staff can see the status of invoices.