HR Digital Transformation Solutions

Human resource (HR) departments need to process a seemingly endless stream of employee documents and information from recruiting, onboarding, benefits enrollment, expense reporting, employee reviews, credentialing, drug testing, time off requests, offboarding, and more. Manually handling all these documents is time-consuming, error-prone, and makes staying organized difficult.

Fortunately, MetaSource provides solutions to all of these challenges.

Solutions for Your HR Transformation

Going digital with MetaSource solutions like document scanning services, document management software, workflow automation technology, and e-forms software empowers your HR department to eliminate paper-based issues and expedite processes.

Document Scanning

Convert paper-based HR files into digital documents, so you can securely store them within document management software for easy access. Say goodbye to unnecessary storage costs!

Document Management

Say hello to optimized backend storage with document management software. In addition to offering version control and document-level security, our software integrates with HCM, HRM, and HRMS platforms, so you can quickly obtain the documents you need from the system you’re used to using.


Quickly capture job applications, employee information, and PTO requests directly into your HR system, eliminating manual data entry and the mistakes that often come with it.

Workflow Automation

Increase productivity by streamlining the routing, review, and approval of documents like employee reviews and benefit requests with HR automation software.

Benefits of HR Digital Transformation

With the right solutions, you can manage your HR documents efficiently and eliminate data entry and errors. Our solutions shorten turnaround times and enable you to focus on delivering an exceptional employee experience. Moreover, going digital enables remote work and, with the right integrations, allows you to access files conveniently right from within your HCM, HRM, or HRMS software.

Here are just a few benefits of HR digital transformation:

  • Eliminate data entry & errors
  • Improve turnaround times
  • Boost productivity
  • Work remotely with ease
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance

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