FileBound Document Management and Workflow Automation Software

Transform Your Processes & Empower Your Team with FileBound

Meet FileBound, agile and cost-effective document management and workflow automation software built to transform the way you manage and process critical business documents. FileBound can improve productivity, reduce manual work and operational costs, enhance your reporting, ensure compliance, and more. With FileBound, you can securely store, access, share, and process business documents whether your employees are working remotely or in the office.

Receive the Solution You Need with Cloud-Based & On-Premise Options

FileBound can be adopted as a cloud solution or operated from within your internal IT infrastructure, depending on your unique business needs. Either way, you benefit from unlimited user licensing and a full-featured document management solution that enables teams to easily route, review, process, and retrieve documents.

FileBound On-Demand

FileBound On-Demand is an affordable cloud-based document management solution that delivers the ultimate document security features. With SOC 2 certified data centers, third-party vulnerability auditing, and industry standard security practices, this solution was developed with data protection in mind.

FileBound On-Site

FileBound On-Site delivers affordable document management solutions hosted on your internal IT infrastructure. This software is scalable, handles complex workflow processes, and integrates with internal and external systems.

Extend FileBound’s Capabilities & Unlock New Opportunities with Modules

FileBound’s modules add to the software’s functionality, allowing you to further streamline your document processes.

Electronic Forms

Leave your paper forms in the past! Easily create and distribute forms with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop forms designer or transform existing PDFs into electronic forms.

With this module, forms can be accessed within FileBound by your users or through an outward-facing portal for clients or vendors to access. Upon submission, FileBound forms can kick off automated workflows that are routed to the correct department or person.

Workflow Automation

Automate the assignment of tasks within FileBound to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, make smarter business decisions faster, and improve organizational scalability.

Here’s how implementing this software will help your business thrive:

  • Streamline processes to reduce manual work
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Build from templates or create custom workflows with a no-code interface
  • Easily enforce centralized document storage and indexing to ensure version control
  • Automatically import and route content based on rule configurations
  • Set up scheduled events and action alerts
  • Customize your dashboard to monitor progress and review process analytics
  • Enable remote work with easy access from anywhere
  • Route documents to individuals or departments
  • Meet regulatory compliance guidelines more easily
  • Improve audit readiness
  • Reduce labor and real estate costs


Bouncing from one application to another adds time to a busy day. By integrating FileBound with third-party applications or custom systems, you can simply get down to business. You can integrate your existing line-of-business systems, including:

  • CRMs
  • HRMS
  • Financial systems and ERPs


Continuously improve your processes with insight into performance and statuses. With FileBound Analytics, you’ll be able to see where documents are within a workflow as well as easily identify and mitigate bottlenecks. The system is also able to predict future performance based on historical data, providing you with actionable business insights.

Access FileBound From Your Desktop with FileBound Connect

FileBound Connect enables you to get more done with an easy-to-use desktop app. Connect is all most users will need to complete their daily tasks productively.

With Connect, you can:

  • Scan documents or import emails, attachments, and other files directly into existing projects
  • Easily find and view files already stored in FileBound from your desktop
  • Receive notifications directly on your desktop whenever you receive a new assignment
  • Index documents in your queue with Connect’s built-in indexing queue
  • Access web forms for projects right from Connect
  • Pre-populate mapped field values when adding a form to an existing file
  • Train and onboard new users seamlessly with an intuitive interface

FileBound Partner Advisory Board

MetaSource is proud to be a member of the FileBound Partner Advisory Board. The Partner Advisory Board consists of a select group of FileBound partners who help guide product development and go-to-market strategy. As a member of the board, we have direct access to FileBound’s executive team, enabling us to provide the best possible experience for our joint customers.

Upland FileBound Advisory Board Member

What FileBound Says

MetaSource has been and continues to be a valued business partner. Their professionalism, solution knowledge, and execution make them a leader within the FileBound community. We are excited to count MetaSource as an Executive Partner!

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