Document Scanning Services

Your First Step in Going Paperless

Reduce paper, improve efficiency, and cut costs quickly and easily. Document scanning services convert your files, books, and large format documents to digital images that are securely, accessed, and managed on your computer or mobile device. MetaSource offers over 30 years of experience scanning documents across the U.S. with service bureaus in New York (NYSID Preferred Source), Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles. No matter the size or number of your documents, MetaSource has the expertise and depth of experience to handle your document scanning job.

Digital Mailroom

Outsource your mailroom. MetaSource will receive and scan your mail and email for electronic distribution throughout your organization.

Accounts Payable

Scan invoices in the mailroom to expedite processing, retrieve them easily from within your accounting system and store them securely.

Human Resources

Convert paper-based employee records into electronic files to find them instantly later and better meet document retention compliance guidelines.

Backfile Document Scanning

Convert your paper documents into digital images for secure and immediate access from your computer or mobile device.

Large Format Scanning

Digitally view and share your oversized drawings, blueprints and maps. Storing and handling large documents has never been easier.

Book Scanning

Protect and preserve your research, vital records and intellectual property by having us scan your lab notebooks, manuals and hardcover books.

Lab Notebook Scanning

Scan your laboratory notebooks to protect your data, intellectual property and research for instant, secure digital access to them.

Microfilm Scanning

Convert your 16mm and 35mm microfilm into PDFs or TIFFs for instant search and retrieval and to protect against film degradation over time.

Microfiche Scanning

Convert your COM, jacketed and ultrafiche film into document images for much easier access and sharing and to protect against image fading.

Microfilming Service

Convert paper and digital files into microfilm for long-term archival. We also duplicate Diazo and Silver Film.

Aperture Card Scanning

Scan and digitize your aperture cards into PDF, TIFF or JPG format so they can be digitally archived and instantly searchable.

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