Healthcare Digital Transformation Solutions

Healthcare providers manage a hefty load of paperwork, including invoices, patient medical records, and incoming mail. Inefficient and manual management of these files results in headaches that even healthcare providers can’t cure on their own.

Fortunately, MetaSource offers healthcare digital transformation solutions, such as digital mailrooms, AP outsourcing and automation, and HIPAA compliant medical record scanning, that can provide the relief you need. We can help you streamline back-office processes to increase productivity, improve data accuracy, reduce costs, and, ultimately, optimize patient care.

Improve Healthcare Efficiency with AP Automation and Outsourcing

High volumes of invoices are a major pain point for healthcare providers – especially those with multiple locations. With paper-heavy processes occurring in various facilities, you have little-to-no transparency into what processing step an invoice is in, volume reports, trends, and forecasts. The results? Inefficiency, slow response times, and unhappy customers and vendors.

This is where a digital mailroom and AP automation solution can help. By outsourcing the receival, opening and preparation for processing, and indexing of invoices to an experienced business process outsourcing (BPO) partner, you can:

Eliminate Manual Data Entry Errors

Specialized software checks data against your existing databases to ensure the highest level of accuracy and eliminate errors associated with manual data entry.

Automate and Streamline Invoice Approval

Invoices are automatically routed for review and approval by the appropriate person based on your specific invoice processing rules.

Expedite Payments with Touchless Processing

Purchase order (PO) invoices are automatically checked against your PO database and receiving files when invoices arrive. Invoices that cannot be matched are flagged and sent to the appropriate person for review.

Integrate with Your Accounting System

Vendor and invoice data are synchronized with your electronic resource planning (ERP) and accounting system, providing full end-to-end process automation.

How a Healthcare Digital Mailroom and AP Automation Solution Works

MetaSource’s healthcare digital mailroom and AP automation solution streamlines the entire accounts payable process. How? With a tried and true process of our own:

  1. MetaSource receives, opens, and preps paper invoices for scanning and extracts files from emailed invoices for processing.
  2. Data is captured using data entry, optical character recognition (OCR), or intelligent character recognition (ICR) – whichever method provides the most accurate data for you.
  3. Data is loaded into your existing systems for streamlined processing and invoices are automatically routed to the right members of your team.

Benefits of an Outsourced AP Automation Solution

By outsourcing AP automation to MetaSource, you gain several benefits, including:

Streamlined Invoice Approval

Line-Level Matching

Reduced Manual Data Entry

Increased Data Accuracy

Decreased Exception Handling

Secured Early Payment Discounts

Lower Processing & Staffing Costs

Improved Customer & Vendor Relationships

Digitally Manage Patient Records with Medical Record Scanning

MetaSource has extensive experience digitizing a variety of media, including paper, email, fax, x-rays, and existing electronic documents in legacy and homegrown systems. We have helped healthcare providers scan medical records and gain easy access to historic patient records from within their electronic medical/health record (EMR/EHR) systems, and we can help you too.

Your invoices, employee tax forms, patient medical backgrounds, HIPAA release forms, claims, explanations of benefits (EOBs), and other critical documents, can all be stored in secure document management software that integrates with your EMR/EHR system. The outcome is easier and quicker access to files from anywhere.

MetaSource Has the Prescription Your Healthcare Business Needs

At MetaSource, we have the prescription you need to cure your healthcare organization’s headaches. Side effects may include a happier AP staff, easy month and year-end close cycles, no late fees, decreased stress, immediate access to files, increased productivity, and lower costs.

With over 30 years of experience, MetaSource is a global leader in digital transformation, bringing the right mix of technology, expertise, and services that will help your healthcare facility achieve increased efficiency. As a SOC 2 Type 2 certified and HIPAA compliant company, our processes are audited annually by a third-party, ensuring service quality and document security.

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