Microfiche Scanning Service

Convert Your Microfiche into Searchable PDFs & Other Digital Image Formats

Digitizing your microfiche into PDF, TIFF or JPG images gives you faster access, easier sharing and protects the film from fading and becoming unreadable.

Once we’ve scanned your microfiche, we index it with 99.5% accuracy guaranteed. You’ll be able to use your computer or mobile device to search your digitized microfiche and find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

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Microfiche Formats Scanned

  • COM fiche
  • Jacketed fiche
  • Rewriteable
  • Step & repeat
  • Ultrafiche

Benefits of Scanning Your Microfiche

  • View your digitized microfilm from any computer, laptop or mobile device – anytime, anywhere
  • Search the images you need quickly thanks to optical character recognition (OCR) and high-quality indexing
  • Experience superb image quality and linearity ensured with LED illumination and software
  • Enhance signatures and handwritten information on your microfiche
  • Securely share your scanned microfilm with authorized individuals
  • Protect critical information and documents from physical destruction, loss and misplacement
  • Eliminate the need for a microfiche reader/printer and costly maintenance, repair and replacement parts
  • Save space

For decades, we’ve provided microfiche scanning and conversion services for government agencies, insurance companies and more. We’ve earned their business because no one can scan microfiche more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We can also assist with scanning A-size documents, large format scanning, microfilm, aperture cards, and just about anything else you need to preserve.

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