Tangent Systems Deposit21®

Deposit21 is a “technology extender” that provides a suite of check and remittance transaction processing capabilities. It integrates directly with your existing data capture software to create an enhanced electronic deposit automation solution.

Optimize Check Processing with Impressive Features

This integrative technology works seamlessly with document capture software like Kofax Capture and OpenText Intelligent Capture to fast-track your finances. Key features include:

Check Data Capture

Deposit21 automatically identifies checks and essential fields from scanner data. Efficient user interfaces are available in both web and thick-client form if corrections are needed.

Transaction Reconciliation

Users can review out-of-balance payment transactions via check images and non-check documents, and then fix mistakes and accept corrections.

Automated Electronic Deposit

From retrieval to verification, the electronic deposit process is fully automated with secure encryption. All deposit files are created in bank-specific formats and are assigned the optimum available deposit option.

Streamlined Reporting

Treasury, operational, and security reports are automatically generated, delivered to subscribed operators and supervisors, and made readily available via the Deposit21 web interface.

Check & Deposit Research

Users can view and save images, along with detailed check processing history, in a report. You can also enter ad hoc queries for deposits, individual checks, duplicate items, and more.

Data Encryption & Redaction

Deposit21 encrypts all check images, non-check documents, and supporting customer account information, including login credentials. To further ensure customer privacy, you can redact check data entry.

Extend Your Technology & Your Benefits

With the above features, Deposit21 takes electronic check processing to the next level. By implementing it, you can:

  • Improve data accuracy
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Deposit checks faster
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Improve funds availability
  • Enhance visibility into deposit success vs. rejection
  • Save employees time and stress

Partner with a Check Processing Expert

MetaSource is a trusted Tangent Systems partner with extensive experience providing clients with electronic check processing solutions. We have special expertise in document scanning, imaging, data capture, remittance processing software, and lockbox services. Not to mention, we have a wide variety of clients – from government agencies to healthcare companies to financial services organizations, making us your go-to provider no matter what industry you’re in.

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