AI-Powered Business Solutions that Enable You to Do More with Less

What would you do with less of all the things holding your business back and more of the AI-driven technologies that can drive it forward? With the right intelligent document processing solutions, you can reach your business goals with less mistakes, stress, and manual work, and more accurate data, cost savings, and productivity.

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Transform Your Processes with the Right Solutions

As a trusted digital transformation partner with 30+ years of intelligent document processing (IDP) experience and AI-driven process management, MetaSource has a full suite of proven solutions that can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Digital Mailroom Solution

Replace your paper-based mailroom with a digital one built on automated document processing technology to quickly deliver critical files to your in-office and remote employees.

Document Management Software

Store, retrieve, track, and share documents across your organization easily and securely with one of MetaSource’s many cloud and on-premise document management offerings.

AP Automation Solutions

Reduce up to 90% of the manual tasks associated with invoice processing to improve cycle times and eliminate costly errors.

Document Scanning Services

Take the first step in going paperless by digitizing your files, books, and large format documents. Then, take scanning to a whole new level with document capture software and optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

Compliance Services

Ensure your documents and processes comply with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CFPB, HIPAA, DOT, FMSCA, and other regulatory requirements.

What Is a Digital Mailroom & What Can It Do for You?

Ensure business continuity by digitizing and automating a key source of inefficiency.

The digital mailroom concept is simple: incoming mail is opened, sorted, scanned into cloud document management software, and distributed electronically to employees for processing.

Ready to Start Doing More with Less?

Working with an experienced automation and BPO partner like MetaSource can significantly reduce labor, operational, and real estate costs, and help ensure you achieve your business goals.

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Innovative Solutions for Every Industry

MetaSource helps organizations across a wide variety of industries achieve digital transformations and do more with less.

Financial Services

Streamline workflows, ensure compliance with regulatory agencies, and handle incoming loan application calls with solutions like business process automation, digital mailrooms, and call center services.


With the right combination of technology and expertise, MetaSource’s mortgage solutions help lenders, servicers, and investors continuously evolve and succeed.


MetaSource’s government digitization and modernization solutions help agencies effectively serve the public while working remotely, do more with their budgets, and increase productivity.


Reduce the costs and time it takes to process your inbound mail and email, including claims, applications, grievances and appeals, and more.


Bill customers faster, reduce driver turnover, and ensure DOT and FMCSA compliance with document scanning services along with workflow automation and enterprise content management software.


Inefficient and manual processes result in headaches that even healthcare providers can’t cure on their own. Get the relief you need with AP automation and medical record scanning services.

What Our Clients Say

I would definitely recommend MetaSource. I really appreciate the accessibility of the team. I can’t think of a time where I didn’t get a response in a day, if not immediately. It’s great to work with them.

Energy/Utilities Client

We have made great progress in eliminating paper and increasing access to information. This is how one does business today, given available technology and the desire for efficiency and flexibility.

Nonprofit Client

We worked with MetaSource to create a “paperless” office – all of our contracts and correspondence was scanned and coded. Because of this digitization effort, we have become more efficient: team members are able to find the information they are looking for in a fraction of the time. We have also become more reliable: none of our agreements are missing. And finally, we are saving a lot of money on rent: we were able to reduce our office space by 50% – in New York City, that is a really big deal.

Entertainment Client

We can always count on MetaSource to step up when we need them most. MetaSource is a key component to the overall makeup of our customer service team, but recently our location experienced a power outage. We transferred all volume to MetaSource and our service levels never dipped. It’s because of their dedication to excellence that I had no hesitation and would do it again!

Financial Services Client

I am so impressed with MetaSource’s customer service. Their technical expertise is outstanding, but more importantly they have exceptional customer service skills with respectful and effective communication. I work with over 50 vendors in my position and they are the best vendor I have ever worked with. In my mind, they are an inspiration as to how other vendors should be working with their clients.

Healthcare Client

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