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08 Jan 2019 Colin Graf

What is a Digital Mailroom?

Paper mail and email are received and processed as part of an outsourced digital mailroom solution

You’ve probably heard the term before, but what is a digital mailroom, really? A digital mailroom is a way to process the incoming documents that enter your organization faster and more efficiently. Paper mail is processed using document scanning and capture techniques, which digitize files, to make them available electronically. Emails are monitored to extract embedded files and attachments, which are then properly formatted for automated processing.

For businesses of all types and sizes, it’s tough to keep up with the mail and email that’s constantly coming in. Not only is mail management a drain on staff resources, but falling behind with it can cause repercussions like slow customer service, noncompliance issues, and fees for late payments.

With a digital mailroom, you outsource incoming mail management to a company that specializes in it, saving yourself time and frustration, and enabling you to process important documents faster.

A digital mailroom can help you with both paper mail and email.

How Does a Digital Mailroom Work?

With a digital mailroom, your inboxes are closely monitored by your mailroom outsourcing partner so your mail and email can begin being processed upon receipt.

Outsourcing & Processing Paper Mail

When you outsource your mailroom, your incoming mail is directed to a dedicated P.O. box monitored by your mailroom outsourcing partner. At an interval you choose—weekly, hourly, daily, etc.—your mail is brought to a secure document scanning facility where it’s opened, prepped, scanned, indexed, and digitally routed to you for processing.

At this point in the process, digitized document images can be uploaded to workflow automation software for processing, keyed directly into your ERP or line of business software, or delivered as PDFs to be processed manually.

Five orange and white horizontal circle icons - receive mail, prep and scan, data capture, workflow, zero touch processing - showing the process for automating mailroom Five orange and white vertical circle icons - receive mail, prep and scan, data capture, workflow, zero touch processing - showing the process for automating mailroom

Outsourcing & Processing Email

Outsourced email management works in much the same way. Incoming email is received at a dedicated inbox that is continuously monitored by your outsourced mailroom partner. Important documents you receive—whether embedded or as attachments—are stripped from email messages, burst apart from one another if necessary, and converted into the right file format for processing. Data is carefully captured from each document. Finally, the captured data, along with a crisp digital image of each document, is delivered to you for processing.
Outsourcing your email management saves time and resources: you don’t have to download, print, copy, distribute, or file emails or attachments anymore before processing!

How Does an Automated Mailroom Help my Business?

Outsourcing your mailroom allows you and your staff to focus on:

Is a Digital Mailroom Right for Me?

No matter your industry or business size, digital mailroom services can benefit you. Receiving perfectly prepped data and digital documents allows you to process your time-sensitive documents—like invoices, purchase orders, membership and employment applications, and grievances and appeals—much more quickly. You’ll be able to provide prompt customer service, take advantage of early payment discounts, and make maintaining compliance much simpler.

Need more guidance as you decide whether to digitize your mailroom? Our free digital mailroom readiness checklist will help: Is It Time to Develop a Digital Mailroom?

What is a Digital Mailroom?

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