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5 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

Learn how a digital mailroom can reduce costs, increase productivity, and enable remote work

Paper-based mailroom processes are time-consuming, lead to misplaced documents, take up valuable storage space, and result in unnecessary costs. Manual mailroom processes keep companies from effectively enabling remote work. And with 1 in 3 employees ready to quit their job if they cannot work remotely after the pandemic, this poses a major problem.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to all of these challenges: digitize and outsource your mailroom.

With a digital mailroom, you can leave the entire process – for both paper mail and emails – to a trusted partner. They will handle everything from receiving your incoming documents to opening and scanning them to indexing them to ensuring that they’re automatically delivered to the correct recipients.

With such a seamless, paperless process, the benefits are endless. Here are just a few:

Save Time

It’s true what they say: time = money. Failing to process incoming documents, such as invoices, insurance claims, and grievances and appeals, on time can result in late payment fees and missed early payment discounts.

In addition, slow mailroom processes can directly impact your customer relations. A constant delay in processing sales orders and credit applications, for instance, can translate to poor customer service and lost valuable customers. In an age when everyone expects fast and efficient customer service, timely responsiveness is crucial for companies to gain a competitive advantage.

That’s where a digital mailroom solution comes in. By digitizing your mailroom, you can rest assured that your files are always at your fingertips. According to a study by Zapier, 73% of workers waste 1-3 hours each day looking for documents and information. Not with a digital mailroom! This type of solution allows you to search and find files faster than ever, so you can prevent costly delays and unhappy customers.

Eliminate Missing Documents

Overflowing mailrooms are prone to misplaced and lost documents. When employees can’t find the files they need, processes are hindered and both customer and employee satisfaction drop. After all, customers don’t like to be kept waiting when your team members are searching for lost or misplaced documents and your team members don’t like to spend their days sifting through filing cabinets and disappointing customers.

With a digital mailroom, they don’t have to. Your employees can quickly access all of their incoming mail from any device. No more frustrated hours searching through files and no more unhappy customers or workers. In fact, according to Deloitte, the technology employees use is a main influencer of work experience. Mailroom automation technology can improve the work experience at your organization by eliminating lost documents.

Solve Staffing Issues

When your mail volume increases, whether due to an increase in clients, a busy time of year, or the end-of-month scramble, you have two options: have employees work overtime to handle it or hire temporary staff to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, both methods are expensive and unsustainable.

By digitizing your mailroom, you can maintain fast processing times without hiring additional staff and give your employees back the time they need to focus on value-added activities.

Not to mention, you can seamlessly navigate difficult times like “The Great Resignation”. A mailroom automation solution can carry out tasks on your behalf, allowing your employees to focus on their core functions instead of tedious work like opening, sorting, and delivering mail. In short, a digital mailroom empowers you to do more in less time, with less personnel.

Free Up Storage Space

Whether you need to make room for business expansion or want to make more efficient use of your current space, there’s no denying that real estate costs are an important element of business operations. Like any other department, mailrooms inevitably take up space: space for employees, space for physical processing, and space for mail storage.

With a digitized mailroom, you can vastly reduce the physical footprint your mail department occupies and any file storage space, allowing you to make better use of the space while gaining the benefits of a streamlined workflow in the process.

Enable Remote Work

Remote work is becoming increasingly common for businesses. According to Findstack, as of 2022, 58.6% of employees in the U.S. are working remotely and 73% of teams will have remote employees by 2028.

With a digital mailroom solution, your teams can easily access documents from anywhere, enabling remote work while also ensuring business continuity. Whether your staff chooses not to go into the office or is forced to remain home due to a crisis, you can rest assured that your mailroom remains uninterrupted and your organization continues to operate.

Ready to Digitize?

Virtual mailrooms can reduce costs, improve efficiency, reserve storage space, enable remote work, and save you time searching through endless folders. Converting an entire department full of paper-based workflows into a streamlined digital powerhouse may seem overwhelming, but all it takes is an audit of current processes and a little outside expertise to attain a successful conversion.

Contact us or assess your current situation by downloading our checklist “Is It Time to Develop a Digital Mailroom?” to find out if a digital mailroom is the right solution for you!

Is it time to develop a digital mailroom?

Check out our digital mailroom checklist to find out!