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18 Jun 2019 Colin Graf

5 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

5 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

If you manage a business or department, you’re intimately familiar with its bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Nearly every area of your organization is sure to have at least one—even behind-the-scenes ones like the mailroom. Have you ever considered that issues in the mailroom could be behind many of your business’s biggest problems?

From your relationships with clients, partners, and vendors to your profit margins, inefficiencies in the mailroom can have a significant impact on many other aspects of your business. Just imagine what kind of improvements could be made simply by getting your documents into processing immediately upon receipt and having access to important documents as soon as they arrive!

While your mailroom pain points may seem insurmountable, there is a simple solution: outsourcing your mailroom.

Adopting an outsourced digital mailroom can considerably decrease issues caused by traditional paper-based workflows by increasing processing efficiency, creating transparency, and drastically improving accessibility to information, all with the potential to save your company a significant amount of time, space, and money.

If you’re still unsure whether or not it is a potential solution for your business, consider these five major benefits of adopting a digital mailroom.

A digital mailroom saves time

In the business world, it’s true what they say: time = money. Being unable to process invoices on time can cost you in late payment fees and cause you to miss out on prime opportunities to take advantage of early payment discounts. And what about the fees and headaches caused by not being able to process insurance claims, grievances and appeals letters, or other documents quickly enough to comply with regulations? Or not being able to onboard new employees quickly because of the paperwork?

Mailroom inefficiencies can also have a direct impact on customer relations. Failing to process sales orders and credit applications or respond to direct correspondence in a timely manner translates to poor customer service and could eventually cause you to lose valuable clients and customers. In an age when everyone expects a great customer experience, responsiveness in a timely manner is critical for companies to gain a competitive advantage.

Instead of wasting time receiving and shuffling mail between various departments and locations, a digital mailroom allows you to direct all incoming mail to a monitored PO box from which it is picked up daily, then brought to a secure document processing facility to be prepped, scanned, indexed, and digitally moved into processing. Being able to manage and process your documents digitally improves accuracy, security, and turnaround time.

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It can help you with both paper mail and email

The fact that some of your incoming mail is digital doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to keep track of or process. Overflowing email inboxes can be just as messy as stacks of paper, attachments may need to be converted to other file types for processing, and emails are easy to accidentally miss or delete. Plus, having to print them out so they can be processed defeats the purpose of them being digital in the first place.

By contrast, when you outsource mail and email management with a digital mailroom, you eliminate the potential for lost or missed documents, time-consuming searches through stacks of paper or emails, the necessity for mailroom employees to physically distribute important information quickly to various departments and slow processing times.

It provides instant access

If it wasn’t enough that paper filing can be messy and cumbersome to sort and file, it’s also a pain to search. Having to correctly identify and access paper documents means a time-consuming dive into file cabinets to pull the documents, then re-filing them once you’re finished. There is also a big threat of losing or misplacing a pulled document.

With a digital mailroom, once your mail has been scanned and digitized, any authorized user can directly search for, share, and track files instantly and securely right from their computer or mobile device.

It solves staffing issues

Physical paper filing takes time as it is, so think of how much time you’re wasting when employees have to search for documents that have been misfiled or lost entirely. (Coopers & Lybrand estimates that 7.5% of all documents are lost.) This is a poor use of company time, as your employees could (and would likely rather be) spending time on something more productive.

In addition, when your mail volume increases, whether due to an increase in clients, a busy time of year, or the end-of-month scramble, you have two options: have employees work overtime to handle it all, or hire temporary staff to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, both methods are expensive and not sustainable.

By digitizing your mailroom, you’ll not only have the advantage of consistent processing times without having to add additional staff, but you’ll also give your employees their time back to focus on value-added activities.

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It saves space

Whether you need to make room for business expansion or want to make more efficient use of your current space, there’s no denying that real estate costs are an important element of business operations. Like any other department, mailrooms inevitably take up space: space for employees, space for physical processing, and often, space for mail storage.

With a digitized mailroom you can vastly reduce the physical footprint your mail department occupies and any file storage space, allowing you to make better use of the space while gaining the benefits of a streamlined workflow in the process.

Ready to digitize?

Converting an entire department full of paper-based workflows into a streamlined digital powerhouse may seem overwhelming, but all it takes is an audit of current processes and a little outside expertise to attain a successful conversion.

Assess your current situation by downloading our checklist “Is It Time to Develop a Digital Mailroom?” to find out if a digital mailroom is the right solution for you!

5 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom

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