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Streamline Claims Processing with a Digital Mailroom Solution for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can streamline claims processing with business process outsourcing and a digital mailroom

Insurance companies manage daunting amounts of paper mail daily, such as claims, checks, grievances and appeals (G&A), and enrollment forms. Mail needs to be opened, sorted, and sent to the appropriate department or person so processing can begin and can be incredibly time-consuming if done manually. This leads to slow turnaround times and can also lead to lost or misplaced documents, slowing down processing times even more. This is especially problematic for time sensitive tasks, such as claims processing.

Challenges with a Manual Claims Processing Process

When an insurance company receives a claim, the claim must go through a series of steps before being resolved, such as ensuring all necessary information has been provided, validating the claim’s authenticity, and reviewing the terms of the claimant’s policy. Managing paper as part of this process creates inefficiencies and results in slow response times, especially if you receive hundreds or thousands of claims each week.

How a Digital Mailroom Streamlines Claims Processing for Improved Productivity and Customer Service

Claims processing can create a backlog of paperwork requiring intense manual labor to open and sort mail and input data into existing systems for processing. As part of a digital mailroom solution, an outsourced mailroom partner will handle all the heavy lifting:

  1. Claims are sent to a dedicated P.O. box
  2. Mail is collected, opened, and prepped for scanning
  3. Documents are scanned and classified by document type (claims, medical bills, etc.)
  4. Data such as claim number, policy number, and date of care is indexed
  5. Indexed data is matched against data provided by client
  6. Data is reviewed to see if any exceptions can be matched before returning to the client
  7. Documents and data are digitally delivered to the client for processing

With an outsourced digital mailroom, your employees will gain the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs of filing and storage
  • Increased productivity from eliminating time spent handling mail and paper claims
  • Easily found and quickly processed digitized claims
  • Accelerated processing for improved customer experience and response times
  • No more misplaced or lost documents
  • Teams enabled to work remotely

An outsourced mailroom also ensures business continuity if your office needs to close due to inclement weather, natural disaster, or a pandemic – which in 2020 forced companies to rethink the way they do business. Digitized claims eliminate disruption to your processing workflow and enable your team to work remotely or in an office.

Experience You Can Trust for Insurance Digital Mailrooms

MetaSource provides digital mailroom solutions to insurance companies in a variety of service areas, including property, life and casualty, and medical. While all of the mailroom solutions include a dedicated P.O. box where mail is collected, opened, prepped, and scanned, indexing and data delivery is customized based on the business needs of each insurance provider.

One example is the outsourced mailroom solution we provided to Visiting Nurse Service of New York CHOICE Health Plans (VNSNY CHOICE). VNSNY CHOICE was looking to improve their response and resolution times, reduce storage costs, and simplify audit preparation. Download the VNSNY case study to find out how our solution helped achieve these goals by making it easier to locate documents, increasing efficiency, and generating savings of $6,000 annually.

Streamlined Claims Processing and Happier Customers with a Digital Mailroom Partner

From claims processing to grievances and appeals, and enrollment forms, MetaSource’s digital mailroom solution helps streamline processing, enables easier location of digitized documents and indexed data, and improves your customer service. Contact us to learn more about digital mailroom for insurance companies.

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