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Government agencies are facing countless challenges ranging from shrinking budgets to remote work limitations to expanding pension obligations all while managing an influx of paper documents and regulated processes. Having to manually process a wide selection of document types, such as court documents, childcare files, food stamps, building permits, financial and tax documents, fraud reports, invoices, contracts, and human resource files, just to name a few, is time-consuming and inefficient.

Why Implement Government Digital Transformation Solutions

By digitizing documents, government agencies can leverage technology to streamline processes, improving efficiency and becoming much more cost-effective. Here are a few government agencies and departments that can benefit from digital transformation:

  • Judicial courts
  • County clerks
  • Sheriff’s department
  • Building department
  • Recorder of deeds
  • Departments of social services
  • Health & human services

At MetaSource, we help city, county, and state agencies go paperless, so they can effectively serve the public while working remotely, do more with their budgets, increase productivity, reduce time spent on audits and lawsuits, and enable their employees to focus on core tasks instead of manual busywork.

Modernize How You Manage Government Documents

Working with MetaSource is not only about digitizing your files; it’s about modernizing the entire document management process. With the right solution, your employees will no longer have to dig through boxes and filing cabinets to find important files. Documents will be at your employees’ fingertips, easily accessible whenever they’re needed.

MetaSource offers the most cost-effective way to securely access and quickly find documents, streamlining your document management processes from receival through storage. Our proven process creates operational efficiencies, reduces manual labor, provides full transparency, enhances document security, and ensures quick turnaround times:

  1. Receipt: Documents are picked up by MetaSource, sent to one of MetaSource’s state-of-the art document processing facilities or a designated email inbox, or mailed directly to a P.O. box managed by MetaSource.
  2. Scanning: Paper documents are prepped and scanned by trained technicians while documents are stripped out of emails and prepared for processing.
  3. Indexing: Documents are matched against document categories and types identified by you. This enables easy merging once data is uploaded into your existing system or document management software.
  4. Quality Control: Your documents and data go through several quality control steps to check for errors. Anomalies are flagged for further review, ensuring accuracy and reducing the amount of time you spend on exceptions.
  5. Importing & Delivery: Documents are then imported into your existing line-of-business system or loaded into secure document management software and automatically routed to the right person for processing. If you’re looking to improve your current system, OpenText AppEnhancer (previously ApplicationXtender) document management software drives success for hundreds of cities and counties.

How MetaSource Helps Courts Achieve Case File Transformation

As the trusted partner to the nation’s largest judicial council, MetaSource has proven court record digitization expertise. We have unmatched experience helping judicial courts across the U.S. create efficiencies, minimize resource demand, enhance public service and responsiveness, and, ultimately, achieve true case file modernization. Here’s how:

Tactical Planning

Through the combination of detailed due diligence and a repeatable operations playbook, we established measurable goals that align with your overall vision.

Document Tracking & Reporting

We provide real-time insights into case file location and status throughout the entire digitization process.

Case File Digitization

With best-in-class capture technology, we deliver high quality images and accurate data while also adhering to all ANSI, AIIM, and ISO document preparation and image processing standards.

Quality Assurance

Our Six Sigma-based methodology incorporates accuracy monitoring, tiered inspections during conversion, and web-based SLA reporting.

CMS (Case Management System) Output

Delivered case file images and data are compatible with court platforms, such as Odyssey® and eCourt®.

Feasibility Analysis

We perform a needs analysis to ensure that we work within your existing budget and provide the utmost value to your court.

MetaSource: Your Government Digital Transformation Partner

It’s never been more crucial for government agencies to implement digital transformation solutions than it is in the new normal and partnering with the right partner is key to your success. MetaSource is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, PCI DSS, CJIS, and HIPAA compliant, and our processes are audited to ensure sensitive information is securely processed and stored.

As a long-standing and trusted partner to government agencies nationwide and with over 30 years of experience, MetaSource is fully equipped to help you achieve not only digitization, but true modernization. MetaSource brings services that will provide maximum value via demonstrated project implementation capabilities and extensive experience loading data into or integrating with line-of-business platforms.

Not to mention, through a collaboration with the New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc. (NYSID), MetaSource provides services to New York state and local government customers in partnership with Ability Beyond under New York State’s Preferred Source Program. We are proud to be partnered with Ability Beyond, a NYSID member agency that provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities within our community.

Contact MetaSource to find out how we can help you get started with government digital transformation solutions or read our case study to learn how MetaSource helped Morrison County save time, space and money.

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