Business Process Automation & Document Management Technology Solutions

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Now more than ever, organizations across all industries are using business process automation (BPA) and document management technology to streamline processes by automating workflows and better managing content. The key is to adopt the right technology solutions so you can eliminate manual tasks, increase productivity, reduce costs, and enable remote work.

With over 30 years of intelligent document processing (IDP) experience, MetaSource has the right BPA and document management technology solutions to help your team achieve all the above benefits and more.

Document Capture

Intelligent document capture software enables you to transform all types of paper and electronic files into actionable information.

Document Management

Securely store, track, and retrieve files with document management software that easily integrates with your accounting, ERP, or other back-end platform.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate tedious tasks and streamline processes like invoice processing and employee application routing by leveraging document workflow automation.

Robotic Process Automation

Acquire, enhance, and deliver information from numerous applications, such as websites and enterprise systems – no coding required.


Save time and money by automating the creation, distribution, and processing of transactional forms, such as job applications, order forms, and credit applications.