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Digital Routing Sheets Simplify Manufacturing Compliance

Did you know that 7% of all paper documents get lost, and 11% of those will never be found? Not to mention that the inability to produce a document during an audit or recall could cost you big bucks. Digitizing your manufacturing documents including routing sheets, process sheets, master batch records, and traveler packs eliminates these risks and more:

  • Locate and remotely share documents with auditors quickly to minimize disruption to daily activities
  • Access-level privileges, security logs, and utilization reports ensure bulletproof compliance
  • Securely access manufacturing documents instantly from your computer or mobile device
  • No more lost traveler sheets, route sheets, or master batch records
  • Get rid of your filing cabinets for huge space savings
  • Ensure reliable disaster recovery with digital backups
  • Eliminate risks of theft and damage by fire or flood

Scanning Tracking Documents Protects Your Business

No matter what kinds of goods your company produces, properly maintaining your manufacturing documents is crucial for compliance.

For nutraceutical and pharmaceutical businesses, it’s critical to properly manage Master Batch Records (MBRs) and the data they contain because not doing so could land you with a Form 483 from the FDA, or worse, a warning letter.

For consumer goods and hard goods manufacturers, it’s traveler sheets, route sheets, and traveler packs that must be maintained impeccably.

Using the powerful combination of document scanning and document management software is the smartest way to manage your manufacturing documentation:

  • Securely store tracking documents in the cloud or on your in-house server
  • Digitally search to find the document you need in a snap
  • Set and automatically implement records retention policies
  • Easily provide auditors access to requested documents

Our SOC 2 Type 2 Report Promises Top-Notch Security for Your Tracking Documents

At MetaSource, we know how important compliance is to your business. Every year we undergo a rigorous independent audit in order to earn a SOC 2 Type 2 Report, which certifies that our facilities, processes, and staff meet the highest standards for security and confidentiality.

At our two SOC 2 Type 2 secure scanning facilities, our expert document scanning staff converts manufacturing documents of all types and sizes to high-quality digital images:

  • Manufacturing routing sheets
  • Master Batch Records (MBRs)
  • Traveler sheets
  • Route sheets
  • Traveler packs
  • Engineering drawings and blueprints
  • Books and manuals
  • Diagrams
  • Handwritten notes
  • Full color or black and white documents

Go digital to ace your audits, never lose an important tracking document again and improve customer service!

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