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The Most Easy to Use & Deploy E-Forms Software on the Market

OpenText LiquidOffice is web-based, intelligent e-forms software that enables organizations to automate document and forms-driven processes using electronic forms and workflow automation capabilities for improved efficiency, control and customer satisfaction.

LiquidOffice enables you to easily create electronic forms for data collection across the enterprise, route forms and information for review and approval, and automate forms-driven processes for improved efficiency and control. For processes involving people, information and content, LiquidOffice can have a significant impact on productivity, customer service and the bottom line.

Simply put, LiquidOffice is the fastest way to convert paper to online forms so you capture user information in the most cost-effective way known to man.

What Is the Role of MetaSource with OpenText & LiquidOffice?

As with OpenText AppEnhancer, MetaSource is the leading distributor of LiquidOffice in North America for OpenText, meaning that we enable and support LiquidOffice value-added resellers (VARs). We also use LiquidOffice in our business process outsourcing (BPO) operation.

How Does LiquidOffice Work?

LiquidOffice provides a web-based solution for creating and deploying electronic forms and automatically managing the corresponding routing, tracking, and approval processes. E-forms allow you to quickly put your forms online and present them to internal and external users. LiquidOffice enables the rapid deployment of e-forms through an intuitive point-and-click Form Designer, making it easy to create forms and add intelligence to existing forms.

1 Collect

2 Validate

3 Review & Update

Integration with enterprise content management (ECM) software like AppEnhancer and other systems provides an archive repository for completed forms and the ability to integrate information between systems and processes.

Manage & Monitor Business Processes

LiquidOffice includes management, monitoring, and analytics features that provide visibility into process data to help you understand key performance information in real time. You can identify bottlenecks, audit usage, analyze process data and handle exceptions, allowing managers to make real-time improvements that drive your business.

Track Processes & Connect People

LiquidOffice securely connects all people across the enterprise and geographies with information and processes, whether inside or outside the enterprise firewall. Comprehensive tracking and auditing capabilities log user and administrative activities and present them in an easy to use management console, to help you meet compliance mandates.

Mobile Process Automation

LiquidOffice revolutionizes how you can influence in-flight business processes and real- time data using mobile devices. LiquidOffice lets decision makers access, review, digitally sign and approve steps in pivotal business processes from just about anywhere in a manner that is secure, auditable and compliant.

Integrated Workflow Solutions

LiquidOffice is integrated with OpenText TeleForm to enable end-to-end document capture and workflow solutions. With OpenText Exstream, LiquidOffice automates customer experience solutions. And with the many other integrated Enterprise Information Management systems, LiquidOffice enables customers to automate virtually any business process.

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