PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy) Program Funders

Compliance & Business Process Outsourcing Services that Enable Growth

MetaSource offers a wide variety of quality control (QC), workflow automation, and contractor performance / borrower awareness surveys to PACE funders to ensure compliance and keep up with the increasing processing demands of this growing market. MetaSource helps you quickly scale with low risk because our services are intended to facilitate and enable your growth by eliminating and preventing processing bottlenecks.

Here is a summary of our PACE funder services:

Pre-Fund & Post-Close QC Compliance

Our compliance QC services, whether performed on a pre-fund or post-close basis, audit the following with an example of this work here:

  • Jurisdictional Eligibility
  • Property Type
  • Property Taxes
  • Property Value
  • Mortgage Debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • Owner(s) of Record
  • Mortgage Liens & Material Involuntary Liens
  • Loan to Value “LTV” Ratio (at Approval)
  • Combined Loan to Value “CLTV” Ratio (at Funding)
  • Financing Summary

Contractor Approval & Assessment Solutions

Our Contractor solutions include checking each contractor’s credentials and documentation to help you smooth the contractor-boarding process. Utilizing our cloud-based document management solution, MetaStor, you can scan, store, instantly retrieve, and archive all your documents, while providing secure access from your desktop, web or mobile device.

MetaSource customer experience solutions include:

  • Satisfaction surveys of recent PACE program customers to measure contractor performance
  • Calls to program customers to ensure borrower understanding of repayments terms and CFPB compliance

What Can We Do for You?

From QC audits to BPO, MetaSource has the experience and ingenuity to work with any PACE funder that needs to outsource or streamline their workflows. Contact us today for a complete needs assessment so that your growth will not be inhibited by compliance or employee bandwidth issues.

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