How We Are Different

At MetaSource, our solutions are world-class and create industry leading positions for our customers, our people are thought leaders and engaged and our clients are the heart of our business.


MetaSource redefines process improvement beyond simply outsourcing. As a profit improvement partner, we leverage state of art and cutting edge technologies to provide meaningful and manageable solutions to a wide variety of complex challenges in very competitive market segments.


By defining, designing and deploying hundreds of solutions annually we have perfected the art of performance improvement. Our consultative approach enhances understanding, awareness and success providing high-value, time and cost cutting platforms and procedures which include business outcomes while experiencing improved processes, streamlined workflows, reduced cycle times, increased cost efficiencies and improved overall customer (end user) experiences.

Process redesign created an overall savings for a client that exceeds $10 million annually

The Right Size

Size is critical when you trust another firm with your customer’s experience that directly affect cash flow and profitability. We deliver the strength, depth and breadth of a large public firm with the appreciation, customer focus, and flexibility of a mid-sized private firm so that we can respond to you with agility. That agility translates into faster onboarding, detailed feedback and an integrated delivery model that includes the transformation of the people retained in your organization. With MetaSource, you are not just a revenue number, you are our client. We answer to you, not to Wall Street. We do what is right for you.

Accountability – Transparency – Continuous Improvement

We believe these are intertwined best practices and without them nothing else matters. We are very upfront about our pricing and truly want to learn how to best deliver and continuously improve service and quality levels. Our Business Reviews focus on mutually increasing the value of our client partnership results in substantial and quantifiable process, quality and cost improvements.

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