Workflow Automation Software

What is Workflow Automation?

When you implement workflow automation, you no longer have to deal with time consuming and labor-intensive paper-based processes. Import digital documents and data into your workflow automation software easily with document scanning, e-forms, and importing electronic files, then let pre-programmed custom workflows handle the routing, tracking, and approval processes. Accelerated processing time means better efficiency, and better efficiency means you’re saving money.

Can Workflow Automation Work for My Remote Team?

Now documents can be stored in the cloud and accessed within seconds from anywhere. Workflow automation software enables remote access to business-critical documents that are ready for review and processing from any computer or mobile device. This reduces processing times and enables your remote team to access and process the documents they need within seconds, no matter where they are working.

Gain Visibility Into Your Business Workflows

Workflow dashboards and real-time reports ensure you gain real-time visibility into your business processes, and better visibility means better management and accountability! With immediate access to information at your fingertips, you can quickly analyze cash flow needs, identify stuck processes due to missing documents, rebalance workloads among your staff, and allocate financial and other resources where needed in your organization.

A dashboard with pie charts for visibility into business processes

Is It Time to Prioritize Business Process Automation?

Is your organization ready to join the automation revolution? Read our guide to find out!


Automate Business Processes Across Departments

Workflow automation isn’t limited to any one department. Organizations often choose to start automating processes in accounts payable or human resources before rolling out improved processes to other departments:

Automate Accounts Payable Processing

Accelerate processing by scanning invoices, pre-processing electronic invoices, automatically routing them for approvals based on your business rules, and eliminating errors due to manual data entry for good.

Automate Human Resource Document Management

Improve efficiency and accountability in your HR department by automating employment application routing, performance reviews, benefit requests and more.

Automate Your Mailroom

A digital mailroom saves space and eliminates the hassle of sorting and distributing paper mail. We’ll scan your mail and monitor your email for pre-processing, then electronically route it to the right recipient for immediate processing.

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