Foxit File Compression Software

Compress, Access and Manage PDFs with Ease and Speed

Fast and easy access to key documents is the linchpin of business efficiency in the digital age. Organizations are improving their operations by replacing paper files that require in-person processing with e-documents that support the work of an increasingly remote workforce. But for companies with clunky, inconsistent PDF formats and management processes, e-documents don’t always bring efficiencies. They bring struggles like ridiculously slow uploading and file opening times.

Foxit eliminates these struggles by enabling you to easily compress, access, edit, normalize, share and archive PDFs – no matter the size or format – within your document management system. That’s why MetaSource offers Foxit’s file compression tool as an add-on to OpenText AppEnhancer document management software. Combined, these two powerful tools provide the speed, flexibility and accessibility you need to keep your critical business information working for you.

The Foxit Solution

Relied upon by more than 2 billion users across the world, Foxit enables seamless document management processes that save time and money while preserving the quality, reliability and authenticity of the most popular type of e-document: the PDF. Foxit’s file compression tool offers:

  • Advanced PDF document compression
  • ISO-compliant PDF Normalization PDF/A-2u Format
  • Accelerated file transmission
  • 55% increased load time
  • Easily accessible, searchable files
  • High image quality retention
  • Costly storage fee elimination
  • Email file size issue resolution
  • AppEnhancer integration for seamless document management and workflow
  • Secure, effective and compliant long-term archiving
  • Several licensing options
  • Increased productivity for claims processing, AP invoicing, and other manual, repetitive tasks


A file that is hundreds of megabytes in size can take up to 5 minutes to open; with Foxit, the same compressed file can load in under 30 seconds.


Black and white documents can be compressed by 40-50% and color documents by 90% or more – without distortion, blurring or pixelization.


From the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to General Electric and Chase Bank, over 2 billion users across the globe rely on Foxit for efficient PDF document management.

The MetaSource Difference

At MetaSource, we help clients identify, implement, and manage the business technology solutions they need to stay competitive with a wide array of customizable workflow automation and document management applications.

We’re always seeking new ways to help our clients increase efficiency, reduce costs and stay competitive in a changing world. To learn more about how Foxit’s file compression tool as an add-on to AppEnhancer document management software can drive productivity in your business, give us a call or click on the link below.

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