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Want Cloud AP? This Is It.

Tungsten AP Essentials, formerly ReadSoft Online and Kofax AP Essentials, streamlines and automates AP invoice processing in the cloud – for scanned paper invoices, email attachments, and any other electronic invoice form. Tungsten AP Essentials is perfect for both small and large volumes, with a positive ROI achievable in under six months – and no capital expenditure required.

Your invoice data will be automatically extracted, which reduces time-consuming and error-prone data entry by 80-95%, and invoices are automatically routed for approval and payment. Many Tungsten AP Essentials automation users can re-purpose 50% of their AP staff to higher value roles shortly after implementation.

With Tungsten AP Essentials, you can transform accounts payable into a transparent, controlled and strategic department instead of just a cost center.

Experience Fast ROI

With Tungsten AP Essentials, you don’t have to spend a dime on hardware that depreciates over time. This makes achieving ROI fast and painless. Other benefits include:

  • Simple implementation
  • Comprehensive 24/7 cloud-based support
  • Average uptime of 99.9%
  • Constant performance monitoring
  • Zero upgrade fees
  • No IT or system admin required

This true, multi-tenant SaaS solution is monitored around the clock by a dedicated cloud operations team to ensure optimal performance and effortless handling of large changes in document volumes.

Broad ERP & Accounting Software Integration

Tungsten AP Essentials is integrated with the following software to ensure seamless and compliant invoice processing, from capture to posting for payment:

  • Microsoft D365 Business Central
  • Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations
  • Oracle Financial Cloud
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Coupa Spend Management

Reduce Invoice Processing by 100%

Even the most effective software like Tungsten AP Essentials can’t automate everything. That’s why we also offer our digital mailroom service.

By outsourcing to us, you will eliminate all AP invoice processing because our processing experts will do it for you, using powerful tools like Tungsten AP Essentials.

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