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What Is Intelligent Capture?

OpenText Intelligent Capture takes capturing content to a whole new level. It converts business documents into actionable data and automatically routes the information to the appropriate people and systems.

This advanced document capture solution takes the stress out of collecting data from various sources, such as paper documents, images, emails, and chat boxes. With OpenText Intelligent Capture, you can reduce processing errors, increase data accuracy, and accelerate your business processes.

How Does Intelligent Capture Work?

Intelligent Capture uses integrated machine learning to organize, sort, attach, and deliver content and data. Here’s how it works:

  1. Intelligent Capture automatically classifies and sorts incoming files.
  2. The system extracts key information, like vendor names and invoice numbers, from documents.
  3. OpenText Intelligent Capture checks the information against data sources and adds it to the metadata.
  4. The document capture solution continuously learns from its mistakes. When an employee inputs missing information, Intelligent Capture takes note of it, so it can identify the correct data itself next time.

What Features Does Intelligent Capture Offer?

  • Advanced Recognition: Improve processing speed and accuracy with advanced classification technology, such as keyword analysis and high precision anchors, in addition to traditional methods, like barcodes, page separators, and patch codes.
  • Multiple Deployment Choices: Choose from several deployment options, including a certified cloud system or an internal infrastructure.
  • Image Quality Checks: Enhance image quality and, in turn, improve data accuracy.
  • Business System Integrations: Automatically deliver documents and data into content management systems, including MetaSource’s MetaStor® and OpenText AppEnhancer, along with workflow processes and back-end databases.
  • Data Validation: Reduce manual data entry and the errors that accompany it by setting data validation rules specific to your organization.
  • High-Volume Batch Capture: Scale from thousands to millions of document images captured per day.
  • No-Code Process Designer: Easily develop, test, and deploy capture projects with a drag and drop design.
  • Machine Learning: Set business rules to train the system on how to process new content, so you can ensure data accuracy and reduce manual work.

How Do Organizations Use Intelligent Capture?

Organizations in various industries leverage OpenText Intelligent Capture to streamline the processing of several documents, including but not limited to:

The possibilities are endless with a content capture solution that’s intelligent enough to learn from its mistakes.

What Role Does MetaSource Play?

MetaSource is an experienced and trusted OpenText partner. We have successfully supported over 4,000 organizations in implementing and managing OpenText products, including Intelligent Capture, AppEnhancer, AppWorks, and LiquidOffice – and we can support your business too.

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