Retail Loyalty Program & Call Center Services

Achieve new levels of customer service as cost-effectively as possible with our loyalty program application processing and call center services.

Application Processing

Retailers of all sizes utilize our loyalty program application processing services. We have the resources to automate that process and ensure accuracy of customer information, application competition, loyalty card distribution, and call center support. We can ingest all of your customer information into powerful document management software that integrates with third party applications for validation. This data can then be stored and indexed for instant search and retrieval which reduces time spent on customer inquiries.


  • Email and address appends with outbound customer verification and updating
  • Real-time address correction during data capture
  • Advanced address repair: we fix about 80% of undeliverable addresses before they reach your database
  • Advanced email repair: we fix about 60% of undeliverable emails before they reach your database
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) updates and data cleansing

Call Center Support

MetaSource can handle customer service, which includes answering loyalty program questions about earned points, inbound customer enrollment, redeeming points, and following up with customers for information needed for application completion.

Back Office Automation

We can also automate and ensure compliance for your accounts payable, accounts receivable and HR departments by leveraging the right mix of software and document scanning services for your retail operation.

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