Court Record Digitization & Modernization

Unlock the power of digital transformation & gain the benefits of a file-less court.

Courts across the nation are digitizing records and transitioning to modern, data-driven, file-less ecosystems to:

  1. Make case information more accessible
  2. Enhance public service and citizen responsiveness
  3. Minimize case backlog delays and maximize resource efficiency
  4. Ensure continuity during crisis management
  5. Support electronic public access mandates
  6. Enable virtual case hearings

Empower Your Court with e-Filing Initiatives

With over 30 years of experience, MetaSource can assist you in your journey towards file-less case management.

By harnessing advanced technologies and innovative solutions, we pave the way for unprecedented process efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and seamless accessibility while working within branch-wide policies and standards.

Onsite Scanning

Expedite your e-file, go-live initiatives with real-time scanning right at your location.

Backfile Scanning

Increase court process efficiency with high-volume, backfile document scanning services.

Microform Digitization

Protect archival data against equipment obsolescence and media degradation through microfilm and microfiche scanning.

Next-Generation Hosting

Service public accessibility through a zero-footprint, secure case file repository with a low cost of entry and unlimited users.

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MetaSource: Your Trusted Case File Management Partner

As a leader in court record digitization, MetaSource sets new benchmarks for efficiency, accessibility, and transparency. We continue to earn accolades for an exceptional track record in delivering successful file-less initiatives – from local courts to large, statewide jurisdictions.

  • Long-standing and trusted partner to the nation’s largest judicial council
  • Millions of case files handled each year for court system clients
  • Proven expertise delivering case file images and data compatible with court platforms such as Odyssey®, eCourt®, Laserfiche®, OnBase®, and OpenText AppEnhancer
  • SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS, CJIS, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant processes that ensure document security and service quality
  • Honored with the top-ranked award of Contract #MA-202004, Judicial Council of California’s Master Agreement to digitize judicial branch records
Having MetaSource on the front end for scanning, QC’ing, then providing a finished product to the court where the court only needs to ingest the documents to the CMS is the best practice.

Superior Court of California

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