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Digital Mailroom Comparison: Which Solution Is Right for Your Organization?

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According to a 2022 McKinsey report, 87% of people who are offered a flexible work option take it. This fact combined with the rise in tech-driven business strategies and the need to reduce costs has resulted in an increased adoption of digital tools like virtual mailrooms.

With the ability to digitize incoming mail, ensure it efficiently reaches the appropriate employees wherever they’re located, and decrease labor and real estate expenses, it’s no wonder that more organizations are turning to digital mailroom solutions.

But many organizations are left wondering what type of digital mailroom solution to turn to…

Should you go with an automated solution? Do you need a more advanced option to reach your goals? Or will a basic system suffice?

Here’s a breakdown of the different levels of digital mailrooms, so you can ensure you choose the right one for your business.

Basic Digital Mailroom: Reduce Paper & Save Time

The basic solution is seen as the first step into the realm of the digital mailroom. It’s the primary service of outsourcing your mailroom, providing the foundation of a paperless system.

With a basic-level solution, your organization can reduce manual mailroom tasks. Your digital mailroom partner will receive your incoming paper mail and then open, prep, scan, and index it. The best partners also handle incoming emails by receiving them at a dedicated inbox, stripping important documents from them, and then converting those documents into the proper file format for processing.

Want to learn more about how a digital mailroom works? Check out our video!

You can alleviate the burden of sorting through mail with a basic, outsourced solution, giving your employees back the time they need for more valuable tasks. And when you’re ready to take the next step in your automation journey, you can easily level up your solution to include workflow automation.

Mailroom Workflow Automation: Pick Up the Pace

The next level of digital mailroom solutions includes workflow automation. Incorporating basic workflows enables automatic routing of mail to various departments and individuals within an organization.

The outcome is a further decrease in repetitive tasks and an increase in process speed. This is one benefit you particularly shouldn’t overlook since 94% of workers spend their time completing repetitive tasks, according to Zapier.

Accounts payable departments frequently take advantage of this type of digital mailroom solution because automated workflows have been known to expedite invoice processing and, in turn, save organizations money. The Institute of Finance Management found that automation can reduce invoice processing costs from $15 per invoice to just $3.

Advanced Mailroom Automation: Achieve Maximum Efficiency

Is your organization ready to harness the full power of digital transformation? Then, a customized and advanced mailroom automation solution is for you.

This solution provides more than simple digitization and routing workflows. It introduces advanced workflows, additional technology like robotic process automation (RPA), and integrations with the software your team uses every day, including accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Advanced digital mailrooms enhance collaboration, accelerate processes, and make documents and data more accessible across teams. This can lead to significant gains in cost efficiency and improved customer service, a noteworthy advantage with U.S. customer satisfaction on a continuous downward trend.

Choose the Right Digital Mailroom Partner

In order to identify the right digital mailroom solution, you need to understand your organization’s unique needs and objectives. Whether you’re just starting your digitization journey or seeking to enhance your existing processes, selecting the right solution and partner is critical to your success.

At MetaSource, we have decades of experience in outsourced, automated business solutions that boost productivity and profitability. We can work closely with your team to identify the type and scope of solution that best suits your organization.

Not sure if you’re ready for a digital mailroom? Read our digital mailroom checklist to guide your decision-making process. Ready to move forward in adopting an outsourced solution? Download our guide to choosing a digital mailroom partner.

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