MetaSource’s Digital Mailroom Solutions

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MetaSource’s digital mailroom solutions enable you to process your mail from anywhere, on any device. They can help your business obtain valuable insights, gain better control over company-wide communications, and keep documents safe and easily accessible.

Descriptive Transcript

Fade from black to a large mailroom full of papers and envelopes. Brown mail slots fill the walls.

Music begins playing.

Speaker: “Are you prepared for the future of remote work?”

As the screen zooms out, a confused man scratching his head appears with a speech bubble with a large question mark in it. He is standing behind a large stack of papers, binders, and boxes.

Speaker: “If you’re still using a physical onsite mailroom, the answer is no. The mailroom is the core of all business operations, which means it should be at the top of your priority list”

Cut to a checklist titled “PRIORITIES” with “MAILROOM” at the top of the list.

Speaker: “…as businesses across the world transition to a fully remote workforce model.”

Slide transition to a man working at his desk on a laptop.

On-screen text appears above the man: “With a fully remote workforce model, your mailroom needs to be ready for anything.”

Speaker: “Your mailroom needs to be ready for anything that comes its way. And the only way to ensure preparedness is to go digital.”

Glitch transitions to a grey screen with the on-screen text: “Go Digital!”

Slide up transitions to a variety of colored circles with various business-related icons within them, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, email, and mail. The circles are moving backward in an orderly fashion.

Speaker: “MetaSource’s automated digital mailroom solutions enable you to process your mail from anywhere on any device. Whether it’s paper mail, emails, or electronic content,”

Between the moving circles, on-screen text flashes on the screen: “Paper Mail,” “Email,” and “Electronic Content.”

Speaker: “…you can manage the entire process from wherever you sit.”

Screen zooms out and pans downward to reveal the circles funneling toward one central location within a cityscape.

Speaker: “By merging the information that arrives in these different formats, you make it easier than ever to stay on top of your communications remotely.”

The screen narrows in on the funnel and pans down transitioning to a collection of icons moving in a large circle with the on-screen text in the middle: “One central location for all your incoming content”

Below the previous on-screen text, there is more text: “Obtain valuable business insights” and “Gain better control over company-wide communications.”

The circles continue to move around the text in a clockwise direction.

Speaker: “With one central location for all your incoming content, you can obtain valuable business insights more efficiently and gain better control over company-wide communications."

Growing circle transitions to an old, damaged paper with graphs pointing arrows to a crisp copy of the graphs in digital form.

Speaker: “Plus, you never have to worry about misplacing or corrupting documents with a digital mailroom solution.”

Zoom in transition to a man sitting at a desk with the bar graphs on a computer screen.

Speaker: “Unlike a physical mailroom, a virtual one ensures that your files are always safe and always available – even at home.”

Fade to a key entering a door keyhole.

Speaker: “The digital mailroom is key to navigating the future of business. Here’s how it works:”

The key twists, unlocking the door, which opens to a black screen. The screen zooms into the opened door to reveal a building labeled “YOUR OFFICE”, a building labeled “PO BOX,” and a building labeled “SEND DIRECT.” All of the buildings are connected to the MetaSource logo with dotted lines.

Speaker: “First, we pick up your enterprise mail from your office or a P.O. box or have it directed to one of MetaSource’s regional hubs.”

Growing circle transitions to three circles of “SORT,” “SCAN,” and “CAPTURE” icons. Mail envelopes go into “SORT” at the top and scroll behind the circles from left to right, starting at “SORT” and ending at “CAPTURE”. Documents scroll downward out of “CAPTURE” and into a computer.

Speaker: “We then sort, scan, and data capture your mail, creating high-quality digital images of your documents and extracting critical pieces of information in the process.”

Transition slowly zooms out to reveal MetaSource’s MetaStor logo on a laptop. The laptop rests on a desk.

Speaker: “Within the same day, we index your documents for instant search and retrieval via our secure cloud-based repository, MetaStor.”

The desk fades away, leaving only the laptop. A few trails of mail emit from the base of the laptop, sending mail to five different people.

Speaker: “From there, MetaStor electronically routes your documents and data to the appropriate people wherever they are. When each document is received, MetaStor will alert you, so you never miss out on a critical communication.”

Gradually, notification icons appear beside each person.

Speaker: “Once your emails, electronic content, and digitized pieces of mail are in the system, you can quickly search, retrieve, route, and manage them from anywhere.”

Growing colorful circles transition to a green background with another computer screen with MetaStor logo on it. Three squares gradually pop up on the computer screen with the on-screen text: “EMAIL,” “ELECTRONIC CONTENT,” and “DIGITIZED MAIL.”

Circles appear at each corner of the computer, including “SEARCH,” “RETRIEVE,” “ROUTE,” and “MANAGE.”

Speaker: “With the right enterprise process in place, you will ensure you are prepared for the future of remote work and gain the competitive advantage you need to accelerate your growth potential."

Slide transition to different shots of people working on computers in different locations. Different scenes of people working on computers at a desk scroll through on the top and bottom of the screen.

Slide transitions to a white screen. A woman with the MetaSource logo on her shirt is speaking as she stands next to the MetaSource logo.

Woman speaking: “So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more about MetaSource’s secure, cost-effective digital mailroom solutions to futureproof your business.”

Woman leaves the screen. The screen focuses on the MetaSource logo .

Speaker: “Call (888) 634-7684 or email today!”

Music stops.

Screen fades to black.