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To Celebrate Earth Day, Go Paperless with BPO Services

To celebrate Earth Day go paperless with a digital mailroom

With Earth Day around the corner on April 22, now is the perfect time to think about changes your business can make to reduce your environmental impact. While there are many environmentally-friendly practices you could implement, there’s one change that will have a positive impact on the environment and on your bottom line: going paperless.

Modern technology makes it easier than ever to collaborate digitally instead of sharing paper documents between remote workers and those at the office. There’s never been a more perfect time to ride the wave and create a paperless environment.

What Does It Mean to Go Paperless?

The average employee uses 10,000 pieces of paper per year. Going paperless helps significantly reduce this waste. Essentially, there are two steps to converting to paperless business processes:

  1. Digitize incoming documents: Implementing a digital mailroom digitizes incoming documents at their point of entry, resulting in more efficient and secure distribution across your organization.
  2. Reduce your reliance on paper with document scanning: Maintain a paperless environment by digitizing your current files and securely storing, managing, and sharing your digital files using document management software.

Scan Incoming Documents with a Digital Mailroom

Digital mailrooms can help manage both your incoming paper mail and email. For the former, incoming paper mail is received at one of our secure document conversion facilities. Once received, mail is opened, prepped, and digitized. Once the data is captured, it is automatically uploaded into document management software, reducing the manual burden on your employees of inputting new documents.

A large amount of your daily business correspondence, invoices for example, likely now arrive via email. Digital mailroom services can also be used to manage this channel as well. Emails are directed to a monitored email inbox and goes through a quality-controlled data capture process. From there, the captured data is loaded into your business systems and automated workflows are kicked off, eliminating the need for you to waste paper by downloading and printing emails and attachments.

Organizing Existing Documents Using Document Management Software

Having your documents digitized is simple when you work with trusted document scanning services. They’ll systematically prep, scan, and index each document, uploading key information into document management software. Storing, managing, and sharing files through cloud software makes them accessible from anywhere. It also reduces risks and improves fraud prevention, such as files being destroyed in storage or people without approval being able to access the documents. Through your software, you can set document-level specifications as to who has access to them and a record of who accessed them and when.

If you have irregular sized documents such as delicate bound books, court documents, blueprints, engineering drawings, lab books, and more, MetaSource has specialized scanners designed for large format scanning and files that could be damaged by a traditional flatbed scanner.

What Are the Benefits of Going Paperless?

Going paperless has never been easier and more cost-effective for your business. Here are six benefits your company can easily attain by including these green processes into your workflow.

1. Less Paper Means Better Efficiency

According to a recent study, 59% of business executives said they rely on business process outsourcing (BPO), such as digital mailrooms, workflow automation, and document management software, to reduce their operational costs. In the post-pandemic world we will soon be living in, cloud document management software as well as digital mailrooms are key must-haves for businesses of all sizes to run smoothly. Having access to cloud document management services with the help of BPO companies means your team can work from home or from the office when necessary in a way that’s secure and easy.

In addition, being able to easily search for documents with a keyword instead of digging through filing cabinets cuts back on wasted staff time, allowing your team to spend their time on more critical work that adds value to the business.

2. Going Paperless Wastes Fewer Resources

Did you know that trees aren’t the only resource that’s used to produce and distribute paper? It takes electricity and other energy resources to process wood into paper, to transport paper to companies, and to distribute paper by mail or by courier. The less paper you use in your business, the better it will be for the Earth.

Practicing sustainability also attracts loyal customers who want to support businesses that are environmentally and socially responsible. Going paperless reduces the amount of emissions used to distribute documents via mail or courier, including the energy to transport paper to your office as well as from your office to clients, vendors, and other business units. This shrinks your business’s carbon footprint, which could help you qualify for green business tax incentives.

3. Digital Document Management Is More Secure

It’s difficult to store paper documents securely. Not only can they easily get into the wrong hands, but they’re also susceptible to disasters like fire and flooding. Keeping digital documents secure, on the other hand, is easy thanks to redundant backups and customizable levels of permissions. When finding the right BPO company to partner with it’s important they are SOC 2 Type 2 and if in healthcare, have HIPAA trained staff. Having a SOC 2 Type 2 certification means the BPO company goes through an independent yearly audit that guarantees they meet internal and external compliance requirements. Additionally for those in the healthcare industry, working with an outsourced partner with HIPAA trained staff ensures federal requirements on privacy are met under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

4. Storing Less Saves on Real Estate Costs

As offices continue to be manned by very few people, storing physical files in-house and having large, empty offices doesn’t make sense. Real estate is expensive, so it’s a waste of money to use your valuable square footage to store documents. Digitizing your documents frees up the space you’re currently using for file storage, allowing you to repurpose the space for revenue generating activities instead.

5. Going Paperless Allows Employees to Easily Work from Home

Without paper documents holding you back, your business processes will operate much smoother without the bottlenecks that are common when a coworker is out of the office or when a document is buried in a pile on someone’s desk. A 2018 report by IDC stated that workers spend 30% of their time every week searching for information. The first and most immediate benefit you will find when you go paperless is how much time your business saves by giving your staff quick access to the information and documents they need. That’s because digital document management enables you to set up workflow automation that seamlessly enables processes to transition between steps and provides helpful alerts when documents are missing or actions are delayed. Workflow automation is especially beneficial when it comes to streamlining invoice processing, document scanning, and even new employee onboarding.

6. Improve Your Customer Service and Vendor Relationships

Anything from a delayed invoice to a missing document can create inefficiency and tension with clients and vendors. A recent report by McKinsey states that companies that provide a positive customer service increase their profitability by 30% compared to competitors who offer poor customer service. Providing a positive customer experience not only for your clients but for your vendors as well truly counts when it comes to increasing your company’s earnings.

MetaSource can help you digitize and manage your mail and documents so employees have easy digital access to them from anywhere, with the workflow efficiencies that get them out of the mundane and to able focus on high value tasks. Ready to do your part for the Earth and go paperless in your office? Here’s how to choose a digital mailroom partner to help you go paperless or contact us and a sales specialist would be happy to find a tailored solution for your business.

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