Microfilming Service

Microfilming Service

Not to be confused with microfilm scanning (film to digital), MetaSource converts both paper and digital files into microfilm for long-term archival. We also duplicate Diazo and Silver Film.

We offer over 30 years of experience microfilming documents for clients throughout the US.

Microfilming Advantages

While many industries have abandoned the use of microfilm, preferring document management software instead, some still recognize its benefits. These industries include banking, insurance, libraries, utilities, and government agencies. Benefits of microfilming include:

  • Images can be stored for up to 500 years
  • High quality duplication of images can be made in paper or digital form when necessary
  • Is the most economical way to archive data
  • Saves space and is environmentally friendly

Paper to Microfilm Conversion

Paper to microfilm conversion includes all documents sizes, from pay stubs and checks to large format engineering and architectural drawings. We are a full-service, Fujifilm Accredited Microfilm Processing Lab.

Digital to Microfilm Conversion

With our Fuji AR-1000 Document Archive System, we provide clients with the highest quality digital preservation services. Digital preservation is the ability to keep digital documents and electronic files available for time periods that can transcend technological advances and assure readability, authenticity and trustworthiness – as cost-effectively as possible. With the AR-1000 Document Archive System, we will scan your digital/electronic documents and transfer them to LE500 microfilm.

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