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How Nonprofit Organizations Can Do More with HR Automation

How Nonprofit Organizations Can Do More with HR Automation

Not-for-profit organizations are always looking to do more with less. Funding is limited, needs are increasing, and compliance guidelines are growing.

With ever changing regulations and multiple audits, it is crucial that nonprofit organizations manage their key processes in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Digitizing human resource files and automating the onboarding of new employees helps non-profits attain this goal.

Paperless hiring with automated application processing services

With hundreds of employees, many of them seasonal, not-for-profit organizations can find themselves drowning in paper, not being able to meet compliance guidelines or respond to audits in a timely manner. Organizations need a more efficient and less costly way to store, access and manage the thousands of HR paper files they actively work with. Implementing a paperless hiring process also increases efficiency and as importantly, helps attract employees. By automating the HR onboarding process, not-for-profit organizations can:

  • Increase performance during audits
  • Free up staff to handle essential tasks and strategic partnerships
  • Capitalize on electronic document management, responding to audits and running reports quicker and more efficiently
  • Respond to audits and run reports quicker and more efficiently
  • Reduce onboarding time by half

What will your automation success story be?

Educational Alliance (EA), a 125 year old New York City based social services agency was able to strengthen and streamline their human resource processes. They digitized their HR files and automated the onboarding processing. Not only did this allow them to better meet compliance requirements, they significantly improved performance on ad-hoc and planned audits and reduced their operating costs. Automation and document management services gave them the tools they needed to do more with less.

HR Digital Transformation Success Story

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