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ApplicationXtender 16.3 Upgrade Announcement


Now that ApplicationXtender 16.3 has been released, OpenText has announced that it is extending support of ApplicationXtender 7 (SP1) to October 1, 2018. OpenText has also announced that the end of support date for AX 8.0/8.1 remains November 1, 2018.

The purpose is to give AX partners and users more time to evaluate upgrading to ApplicationXtender 16.3. The move to 16.3 is to match the OpenText numbering system as well as to reflect the newly updated version of AX. For those of you used to the old numbering, AX 16.3 is the equivalent of AX 8.2.

New AX 16.3 Features

Here’s what’s new with ApplicationXtender 16.3 compared with 8.1:

  • Web-based scanning (browser client users)
  • A new faster thumbnail preview
  • Integrated text search and a new OCR engine

The new AX 16.3 OCR engine decreases processing time when compared to the performance of AX 7. AX16.3 also halves processing time for small documents and decreasing the time by 20% for files greater than 400 pages.

AX 16.3 Performance vs. AX 8.1

OpenText has tested AX 16.3 against AX 8.1 for 28 different user tasks across different parts of ApplicationXtender. Here are the results:

  • Sign-in: 42% faster
  • Administration (e.g creating a query): 18% faster
  • Navigation (e.g. opening an app): 31% faster
  • Search (e.g. running a query): 43% faster
  • Repository (e.g. opening a document): 59% faster
  • Batch (e.g. uploading a batch): 24% faster

Note: the performance testing is now more comprehensive, so we do not have comparable data points for AX 7 and AX 16.3. We do know that for key rendering and access measurables AX 8.1 is about 20% better than AX 7, so these performance enhancements will be similar for AX 7 to AX 16.3.

How Can We Help?

Let us know how we can help you make the transition to AX 16.3 and if you have questions. We believe the enhancements of ApplicationXtender 16.3 will help you solve your information management pains. We also want you to be able to take advantage of all of the new features that will be available soon in new releases.

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