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ApplicationXtender 16.6 Update


ApplicationXtender 16.6 will be generally available during the second quarter of 2019, and will represent an upgrade to AX 16.3.

The new version 16.6 represents the first time AX will include a standard integration with both Microsoft Office and Azure as primary new features, and OpenText has also made numerous other enhancements based on requests from end-users and AX partners.

Primary New Features

  • Integration with Oracle Outside In to replace KeyView
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) in WX to view and edit Microsoft Office files
  • Support for Azure core services: AD, DB, and files
  • Support OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) to extend AX authentication

Other Enhancements

  • AX-6612: Creation on date is now populated and displaying local time when files are imported via Index Image Import or Reports Management
  • WX-10432: Add the last index document button to the batch index page.
  • WX-10539: Last modified indexes control is now available after attaching pages from a batch to an existing document
  • WX-10622: Display user full name instead of user ID in batch list
  • WX-10624: Add ability to sort batch list with added WX user settings and save between sessions. Settings are added under the batch node of Web Access User Settings page inside AX Administrator
  • WX-10708: A new setting is added to user profile to allow scanned image to be saved as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, or PNG format
  • WX-10731: If an item is removed from the user defined list, a warning message is displayed
  • WX-10762: Provide options for insert before, insert after, or append when importing files to create a new page
  • WX-10806: Add Pages, Document ID and Full-Text Hits fields to Customize Query Results settings page
  • WX-10925: Add smart filtering when selecting a UDL field so all values containing the word entered will show up
  • WX-10942: Add the ability to delete all values in Data Values List on Document Level Security tab in AX Administrator
  • WX-11003: Previous and Next page buttons are added to the bottom right of the result set preview popup
  • WX-11004: Add new UI in AX Administrator to configure hidden fields that are only visible to users with administrator privilege
  • WX-11005: Enable column filtering of the result set. To enable filtering, click the “Open/Close filter” icon and conditions can be entered – the default filter operation is equal (=). Supported operators are: =, !=, >, >=, and wildcard (*) at beginning and/or end of a string
  • WX-11009: Enhance result set multiple document export by packaging the export file as a zip file structured as follows: Zip\AppID\DocID\PageNumber\FileName – index file export now contains a new column named “Subfolder” to combine AppID and DocID to match the documents exported
  • WX-11311: Allow the Auto-Index data to populate in the index if a match is found

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