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ApplicationXtender 8.1 Is Now Available


Version 8.1 of EMC ApplicationXtender (AX) is now generally available.

Released in November 2015, ApplicationXtender 8.0 included a dramatically improved user interface and improved performance and scalability with RESTful services.

8.1 builds on the momentum achieved by the 8.0 release with numerous enhancements detailed below, allowing AX to further streamline AP, HR and all other document-intensive workflows.

AX 8.1 New Features


  • Provides a comprehensive report of privileges assigned to a user by group or by application
  • Allows mixed CM or Windows Security users in the same data source
  • Allows to add Active Directory users into CM group when configuring DLS
  • Introduces a security option Submit to Workflow to enable or disable user to submit to workflow
  • Provides a new global User Defined List (UDL) that can be shared among applications
  • Provides the option to generate an audit event report
  • Enables the set password policy
  • Enables to configure the queue for application (full-text and OCR)
  • Enables to cancel check out a document

Web Access

  • Provides keyboard shortcuts to enable users to perform operations without a mouse device
  • Enables users to save the Document Viewer configuration when viewing subsequent documents
  • Highlights full-text search results in open documents in Document Viewer
  • Provides a zoom slider to specify the zoom percentage in Document Viewer
  • Supports dragging and dropping electronic content from the desktop into ApplicationXtender Web Access to append to batches and documents, and to create new documents
  • Enables opening a batch in a separate window
  • Supports new query expressions (Within and Older Than) for the date and timestamp fields
  • Enables users to save mail to client as MSG or EML format and in this email mode, user can download the generated email message without sending them immediately
  • Renders documents as PDF files in a new browser tab or window from which to print the documents
  • Supports document retention and retention hold functionality, as well as a retention administration wizard
  • Supports document query by retention status
  • Displays the timestamp field using the local time zone

RESTful Services

AX 8.1 provides new resources for:

  • Thumbnail
  • Create (post) new document
  • Cross-Application Query (CAQ)
  • Open Document Management API (ODMA) fields
  • Auto index
  • Select index
  • User Defined List (UDL)
  • Configuration
  • Application field’s primitive type and native value

Workflow Manager

  • Integrated with Skelta BPM 2014 R2
  • Enables lists and the Expression Editor for ApplicationXtender Document Workflow Activity
  • Enables Event Dispatch Broker (EDB) alert emails to administrator
  • Introduced ApplicationXtender Web Service Session Pool in Workflow Engine to improve performance

Other Enhancements

  • Native support for files in PNG format: ApplicationXtender now supports files in the PNG format as image files in ApplicationXtender Web Access, Web Services, and REST Services; all ApplicationXtender components can import the PNG files as image files and also allows the annotation and redaction operations
  • Admin queue selection configuration: all the Full-Text/OCR queue selection related UI and functionality is moved from ApplicationXtender Web Access to ApplicationXtender Administrator

What AX 8.1 Means

According to Mario Duckett, MetaSource SVP Enterprise Content Solutions: “The release of AX 8.1 further demonstrates EMC’s commitment to provide the market with a dynamic workflow automation and document management platform that is a robust and cost-effective option than Hyland OnBase and ImageNow from Perceptive Software. 8.1 offers tremendous functionality and usability improvements for all AX users, particularly users on 6.5 or 7.0 that have not yet upgraded to 8.0.”

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