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New Feature Release: What’s New in FileBound’s 8.0 Release

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With flexible work models becoming the norm, increasingly companies are undergoing radical digital transformation. Implementing cloud-based or on-premise document management software is an easy and cost-effective way to streamline workflows. In fact, according to McKinsey, companies that digitize their business processes are 20-50% more likely to generate economic gains.

Enter FileBound 8.0. An agile, practical, user-friendly document management and workflow automation software especially designed to help you streamline the way valuable documents are managed and processed. By using the latest version of FileBound software, you’ll be able to save time, reduce operational costs, enhance reporting, increase compliance and much more. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to securely save, access, share, and process the documents you or your team members need.

With the release of FileBound’s 8.0 version, your team will have access to the software’s refreshed look and enhancements. These features have been built to help users get through their everyday tasks quicker, including bulk document download, more powerful electronic forms, workflow assignment management and reporting, and more. Here are FileBound 8.0’s top three features:

Easier to Use Interface

The refreshed look and feel of FileBound’s web interface and desktop companion, FileBound Connect, make the FileBound experience much more intuitive while maintaining familiarity for easy adoption. The new color scheme and iconography provide more consistency throughout FileBound for end-users as well as increase user functionality. Below is a comparison of the Project Search interface in FileBound 7.5 (on the left) vs. FileBound 8.0 (on the right):

Comparing the FileBound search screen between versions 7.5 and 8.0

Enhancements to Electronic Forms

Working with electronic forms has never been easier or more secure. FileBound makes it simple to create, distribute, and file transactional forms using the software itself or an outward-facing portal. Its flexible approach enables forms to be configured as Microsoft Word, Excel, or HTML. With the new feature Anonymous Forms, people outside your organization can fill them out and receive information via email as a part of the workflow. To make your workflow easier when going back and forth via email, FileBound 8.0 enables users to limit uploaded file size and type. That way, everyone working on the document has a specific format they must stick to, ultimately ensuring all users can open it on their devices.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get things done. The latest version of FileBound gives users the ability to save a form in progress and come back to it later. Forms also now have version history, so it’s easy for users to see changes that were made to the form over time.

Enhancements to FileBound Connect

FileBound Connect is a user-friendly desktop app enabling users to become much more productive. Connect’s intuitive interface helps users complete their daily tasks quickly and efficiently without ever needing to access FileBound in a web browser. The latest version of Connect also enables bulk document export. After completing an index search and selecting files, users will be able to download the entire contents of a folder using the document export screen. This will significantly help your employees save time.

FileBound’s 8.0 version also enables users to access forms for a project directly from Connect. All they have to do is select a project and choose which form they want to fill out. Then, it will pre-populate mapped field values when adding a form to an existing file.

Sometimes when you’re working on a collaborative document with other people, finding the place where you left-off or where you have to continue working can be time-consuming. With FileBound’s 8.0 features you can open a viewer to a selected divider or separator. From the search results screen, if a user selected a particular divider or separator to search, the viewer will open to whichever divider the user double-clicked on in the Connect window.

Organizations like Educational Alliance have implemented FileBound. We have made great progress in eliminating paper and increasing access to information. This is how one does business today, given available technology and the desire for efficiency and flexibility.”

Combining MetaSource’s 30 years of experience with FileBound 8.0’s new features takes workflow automation software to the next level. These flexible updates give you all the tools you need to get work done much more productively. Say goodbye to time-consuming paper-based ways of working and hello to capabilities that will bring more benefits to your business.

Contact us to learn more about how FileBound can help you streamline your workflows or learn about other new FileBound features and enhancements by reading What’s New in FileBound 8.0.