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It’s Here: OpenText Intelligent Capture 20.2 and the Next Generation of Remote Efficiency


OpenText’s Intelligent Capture 20.2, formerly known as Captiva, is officially here and it has brought digital transformation to a whole new level. This latest upgrade features powerful machine learning capabilities that can optimize workflows. It also comes with a roadmap that promises to move the world of business automation another giant step forward with artificial intelligence and adaptive technology.

This latest release incorporates the best of all OpenText capture products into a consolidated platform that gets smarter – and faster – with every document it processes.

New Features for a Remade Workplace

The latest features include increased security measures and encryption options and improved optical character recognition (OCR) technology for many file types, including PDFs. With this upgrade, you also gain additional tools for maximizing productivity and collaboration among remote workers.

On top of the new features, users familiar with previous versions of the interface will recognize many of the same ones, but with added levels of efficiency and collaboration. This edition of the Intelligent Capture software includes:

  • Continuous Machine Learning
  • Improved OCR
  • 64-Bit Upgrades
  • Single-Click Entry
  • Data Type Locator Improvements
  • Security Enhancements & Encryptions
  • Added Support Across Platforms

Transformational Capabilities and a Roadmap that Promises Even More

Intelligent Capture 20.2 equips companies with the strongest OpenText capture software to date, with a roadmap worthy of applause. Dennis Barrett, Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation Services at MetaSource, called it “the most extensive application roadmap” he has ever seen.

The roadmap includes increased machine learning functionality, additional cross-platform integrations, and Named Entry Recognition. These features, among others, will set the platform into a class of its own for agility, user-friendliness, and the ease of integration with other tools.

Enable Your Workforce with Intuitive Tools that Get Smarter as You Use Them

It’s a platform perfect for easing the ongoing transition to remote work, no matter where you were in the process when the COVID-19 pandemic forced so many businesses into instant recognition of their data and document inefficiencies.

As companies continue to move toward a paperless workforce, Intelligent Capture 20.2 enables them to complete the transition seamlessly. With a safe and highly customizable platform for leveraging collaboration, automating the drudge work and streamlining critical workflow processes, you can achieve a successful digital transformation.

Not only that, with machine learning capabilities, Intelligent Capture learns from both its mistakes – and its successes. This allows the software to increase accuracy, speed, and efficiency through continuous self-adaptation.

The Right Partner for Digital Transformation

At MetaSource, we are passionate about helping clients achieve true process transformation with the highest quality software and tools available. With the right combination of robotic process automation (RPA), electronic content management (ECM), and business process outsourcing (BPO) and services, companies can eliminate repetitive, error-prone tasks, data silos, and other inefficiencies. Organizations can take advantage of opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and process improvement.

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