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Kofax Transforms into Tungsten Automation

Tungsten Automation formerly Kofax

In January, Kofax made an announcement that’s still making waves in the tech industry: the powerhouse in intelligent automation solutions has rebranded to Tungsten Automation (“Tungsten” for short). This announcement signals more than just a name change. It signals a bold step toward a future of innovation and transformation.

The Reason Behind the Rebranding Initiative

If you’re wondering why Kofax decided to rebrand to Tungsten Automation, you’re not alone. Many business professionals have been asking this very question since hearing the news.

As Tungsten Automation states, tungsten is a metal that’s characteristically strong and resilient, making it the perfect symbol for the variety of business automation solutions the organization now offers.

When the company was founded in 1985 as Kofax Image Products, it was focused on document capture. Since then, it’s embraced a broader spectrum of intelligent automation technologies, expanding its product base to include everything from robotic process automation to e-invoicing solutions.

The rebrand to Tungsten is meant to better encompass the organization’s extensive – and growing – list of capabilities.

A Revamped Corporate Identity

The rebranding initiative is accompanied by a revamped corporate identity. The intelligent automation solution provider has developed a new logo and is in the process of updating both its website and brand messaging.

Despite these changes, however, the organization’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to businesses across all industries hasn’t faltered. Tungsten continues to deliver several go-to business solutions, including:

Your Trusted Tungsten Automation Solution Partner

MetaSource is one of Tungsten’s leading value-added resellers as well as a key player in the business process automation and intelligent document processing ecosystem. We’re thrilled by the enhanced capabilities and broader vision Tungsten is bringing to the table.

As the organization evolves, so does our partnership and our ability to deliver tangible outcomes to our clients.

If you’re looking for help implementing and managing Tungsten products, MetaSource is the partner for you. We’ve been a trusted Tungsten partner for over two decades and have experience with a wide variety of products – from Tungsten Capture to Tungsten TotalAgility.

Interested in learning how MetaSource can help your organization get the most out of your Tungsten Automation solutions? Contact us today or check out our Tungsten Automation software webpage for more information.

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