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MetaSource Coronavirus Business Continuity


News of Coronavirus outbreaks around the world have caused MetaSource to review, and in some cases, begin testing, our global disaster recovery/business continuity plans. Reviewing these plans through the lens of the Coronavirus pandemic has put into motion active business continuity actions.

These actions involve testing our digital connectivity and the ability to easily and automatically move work files from our processing facilities around the world. It also entails digitally moving work from our offshore facilities to our facilities in the United States (i.e. Bristol PA, Tempe AZ, Draper UT, Anaheim CA), and in between from office to office. These tests have been active for over a week and results are comforting.

In many cases work is processed by our offshore facilities having remote access to MetaSource’s servers in the United States. It is on those servers where work is captured, processed and exported for business purposes. The term “movement of work” involves activating alternative sites where work is currently not processed and providing those sites access to MetaSource servers. Trained processing teams are then able to remote in and complete work.

Under normal circumstances, MetaSource performs these types of tests annually. By exercising an abundance of caution, we have begun regular testing of these processes. The intent is to minimize impact to our clients’ business operations in the event of a government required facility closure due to the Coronavirus. We will continue our testing until current events indicate a comfortable level of control surrounding this pandemic.

In addition to system testing, we have already asked employees who can work from home to do so. Due to the nature of the services we provide, that is mostly administration staff. In our production centers we have already increased the frequency of our cleaning schedule, provided work place adjustments to allow for more distance between employees, started flexible shift options, and we will continue to follow the instruction for the local, state and federal authorities. The safety of our employees is of utmost priority at MetaSource.

We all hope for a rapid resolution to these outbreaks and hope we will not be faced with the need to activate these emergency processes. If you have any questions, please reach out at and we are happy to provide more details and insights.

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