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MetaSource, LLC Senior VP of Mortgage Services Chosen as Powerhouse Award Winner


NEXT, a mortgage industry news site and women’s event organizer, has chosen MetaSource Senior Vice President of Mortgage Services, Mary Kladde Walraven, as a winner of their inaugural Powerhouse Awards honoring women mortgage executives.

Mary Walraven NEXT 50 Over 50 Powerhouse Awards winner

As an industry veteran with three decades of mortgage experience, Walraven brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the MetaSource team. She is currently responsible for the strategic direction of MetaSource’s mortgage product and service portfolio.

Prior to her role with MetaSource, Walraven founded and ran Titan Lenders Corp. She built the company into a multimillion-dollar corporation before MetaSource acquired it in 2016. Walraven has deep expertise in transformational process solutions and excels at strategic problem solving – a skill that has distinguished her as an industry leader and a pioneer in digital mortgage solutions.

Paving a Path for Future Female Leaders

As a female executive in a historically male-dominated field, Walraven has paved the path for the next generation of women in industry leadership. She is both an inspiration to the industry and her team members at MetaSource.

Throughout her career, Walraven has demonstrated strong industry expertise, a passion for her work, and a problem-solving drive that has kept her one step ahead of industry challenges.

Industry Expertise & A Passion for New Solutions

Visionary market expansion, process transformation through automation, and service platforms for a variety of lending channels are just a few areas of expertise that Walraven brings to the MetaSource team. Her insight into client needs is matched by her knowledge of technological solutions and her enthusiasm for innovative problem solving.

In a 2015 interview, Walraven let Mortgage Women Magazine in on the source of her drive. “…what energizes me every day is that there is always opportunity,” Walraven said. “It’s a matter of identifying the opportunity and executing it to the advantage of the company. There is always something new or changed coming down the pike.”

Walraven’s leadership and expertise have been assets to both her colleagues and the industry at large. Walraven’s contributions have pushed the entire industry forward, and at MetaSource, are an ongoing source of inspiration to her colleagues and to our clients.

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