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MetaSource Named to the HousingWire Tech100

MetaSource QLink

HousingWire Magazine covers the mortgage finance and real estate industry, including critical technology for those in the housing economy. For the 3rd consecutive year, HousingWire recognizes the most innovative technology in the industry as part of the Tech100.

With our QLink mortgage QC software, MetaSource has made the Tech100 for 2016 in recognition in the “Lending, Servicing” category.

QLink Mortgage QC Software

MetaSource QLink

QLink is web-based quality control software that allows our clients to instantly access any mortgage QC audit related services they have contracted with us to perform. It’s an invaluable resource that enables you to track key QC metrics, the status of your reports in real time, all communications conducted and documented concerns on loans, and much more.

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