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MetaSource Partners with Accolade to Deliver a Personalized Healthcare Benefits Experience


At MetaSource, our employees are the heart of all that we do and all that we achieve. Cultivating our people through expressions of care, growth, and understanding are at the core of our culture. If there is one thing we’ve learned through this pandemic, it’s that providing a personalized healthcare experience to our employees and their families has never been more important than it is now. And Accolade, a personalized healthcare company dedicated to transforming the healthcare benefits experience, is helping us provide just that.

MetaSource began its partnership with Accolade with the goal of delivering a simple member experience through a single point of entry across all our health benefits (medical, dental, vision, mental health, and pharmacy). The value of this partnership really emerged as employees engaged their Health Assistants to navigate a broad array of issues like open enrollment support, in-network provider searches, clinical guidance, benefit education, and deciphering medical bills.

We are pleased to announce that we, along with a select group of other forward-thinking companies, are elevating our partnership with Accolade as they introduce their new personalized healthcare solution, Accolade One.

What is Accolade One?

In Accolade’s recent press release, Accolade One is described as “a value-based solution that blends world-class primary care and mental health with the capabilities of powerful care teams, expert medical opinion and clinical programs that manage the costliest chronic conditions”.

Accolade One offers an integrated virtual and physical experience as well as easy access to both primary care and mental health professionals. Features like these make Accolade One a leading solution for ensuring that employees receive the care they need, when they need it, in the form that they need it in.

What Does this Mean for MetaSource Employees?

Our goal has always been and will always be to provide our employees and their families with access to the right care, at the right time, in their preferred language, no matter where they live. In an increasingly virtual-first environment, integrated and personalized healthcare experiences must be delivered in a streamlined way, regardless of home ZIP codes. MetaSource is confident that Accolade One will provide a best-in-class benefits experience.

Scott Allen, MetaSource’s VP of Human Resources, said it best. “The industry needs quality healthcare that’s both data driven and personalized, and we’re excited to partner with Accolade on this new solution,” he said. “We’re dedicated to continuously improving our employee healthcare experience in a way that’s truly focused on what matters most: our employees.”

To learn more about how MetaSource is evolving our approach to employee healthcare with Accolade, join Scott Allen and the Accolade team on October 5th for a webinar on personalized healthcare.

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