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MetaSource Supports Technology Upgrade for Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia


Technology driven provider of Business Process Outsourcing / Management services and technology solutions invests in the community.

Seeing the dire need for Clubs kids to have access to modern technology, MetaSource donated 10 laptops and funded the Wi-Fi networking for the Police Officer Lauretha Vaird Boys & Girls Club in North Philadelphia. MetaSource, a technology driven provider of Business Process Outsourcing / Management services and technology solutions knows the importance of having access to technology in today’s fast paced environment. “MetaSource cares about the communities in which we operate. Our technology donation to the Boys & Girls Club is an investment in the kids, who are the future of those communities,” noted MetaSource CEO, Adam Östhed.

In order for Tweens to thrive in the current job market, they need the opportunity to develop 21st century skills and have regular access to technology. Nation-wide research shows there is a growing technology gap between wealthy and impoverished individuals and communities. The Clubs serve some of the most economically disadvantaged communities in the City of Philadelphia with up to 63% of youth in the neighborhoods we serve living below the poverty line. Upgrading the technology and internet at the Police Officer Lauretha Vaird Boys & Girls Club helps to close this “Technology Gap.”

With new laptops available at the club, kids are able to build necessary literacy skills with the use of Kurzweil computer programs that help students become independent learners and active participants in the classrooms through built-in features for reading, writing and study skills. The laptops also give the kids access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming—helping young people realize their dreams and explore future careers in STEM fields. STEM is critical to the future success of young people as many of the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. will require some education in STEM. Most importantly, the technology upgrades provide our youth with the necessary academic skills to keep up with peers and achieve their full potential. “Many of our Club kids do not have regular access to internet and technology outside of a school or Club environment. By providing our kids with consistent access to modern technology we are not only exposing them to additional academic reinforcement with our literacy and STEM programming, but also allowing them to explore new and exciting career paths,” noted Ariel Goldring, Executive Operations Officer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia. “MetaSource’s donation of laptops and wireless internet are essential to ensuring our kids aren’t falling behind their peers in respect to both their academic studies and the use of technology in our modern world.”

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MetaSource Supports Technology Upgrade